Trash That Dress!

How to wear your wedding dress again after the Big Day!

Probably the most expensive dress a woman will wear in her lifetime, but what happens to the majority of wedding dresses after the Big Day?

They are put to the back of the wardrobe, collecting dust never to be worn again!

Well that doesn’t have to be the case! An ever going trend which is becoming increasingly popular is ‘Trash Your Wedding Dress!’  When I first heard of this I was mortified! How could you trash a dress so special to you?! However, the more I hear about it, the more I think what a great idea.  Las Vegas wedding photographer John Michael Cooper is credited with staging the first Trash That Dress shoot. Many wedding photographers now offer a ‘Trash Your Wedding Dress’ photo shoot. It appears to be a lot of fun and offers you another chance to wear your wedding dress again while getting some fabulous images!

On this You Tube video you can see how fantastic these photos can look!

One of our recommended photographers Nick Murray offers this shoot as an option after your Big Day. Your wedding dress doesn’t necessarily need to be ruined! The concept is to relax (finally!), let your creativity flow and enjoy wearing your dress one last time. Some take a subtle approach for their photo session with a walk through the woods, while others go a step further by heading to construction sites or wading through muddy puddles. We think it’s a great idea – how about you?

Katie at Clearwell Castle

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