Unusual engagement ring ideas

Engagement ring

The classic engagement ring is a clear cut sparkling diamond, in a beautiful oval shape, attached to a gold or silver band. Some engagement rings are jazzed up with additional diamonds on the band, but there are many creative ways that you can style your partner’s engagement ring, so that she has a ring which is completely unique to her.

Go vintage

A vintage shop will offer a wide variety of stunning engagement rings, each fashioned in a different style. Interesting designs, colourful cuts, and a range of differing gemstones; vintage shops are a goldmine.

Bride’s Magazine offers some wonderful advice on the kinds of questions that you should be asking when it comes to shopping for a vintage engagement ring:

“You should always ask what the carat of the gold is (18 or 15 carat) which a lot of antique rings were made in. Nowadays the norm is 14 carats, so don’t be surprised if a dealer says the ring is 15 carat. Some rings are not marked but have been tested with acid to ascertain the quality of the gold. Also ask about the size of the stones: the dealer should be able to tell you the carat weight. Enquire about the quality of the stones; colour and clarity. This is important with diamonds which can be colour and clarity graded, if they are large enough. Small diamonds can fairly easily be assessed with a loupe. You should also look for chips, if they are drawing colour, and internal marks which all affect the value. Ask if the ring has been restored in any way. This is important, although old resizing is perfectly permissible.”

Go for unique stones

One of the best ways to make an engagement ring more unusual is to go for another stone. Rather than opting for a diamond, explore the range of gems out there. Going for your partner’s birthstone or favourite shade are two great, personalised options.

Quirky shapes

The oval diamond on a classic band is the typical engagement ring style; to make an engagement ring more unusual, go for a distinguished shape; there are many to choose from; such as an art deco style or a romantic heart-shaped ring.

Different materials

Silver and gold are the standard materials that most engagement rings are fashioned from, but there are many different materials to choose from. For example, a wooden ring can look rustic and can easily accommodate some gorgeous carvings.

We hope this will inspire you to get out there and have a search.

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