5 ways to use monogramming on your wedding day

The coming together of two or more interwoven letters, monograms are becoming the way to showcase the new initials of a newly married couple. Here at Clearwell Castle, we’re lovers of all things royal – we offered our predictions of what to expect from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in a recent blog post and got them all right! – and we provide the perfect setting to host your own grandiose, fairy-tale wedding. There are many ways you can have your own royal wedding, and the use of monogramming is a simple way of adding elegance to the whole affair.


Read on to discover just five ways you can use monogramming on your wedding day and show off your new initials courtesy of a truly time-honoured tradition.

1. Accessories for the bride and groom

Personalising your wedding attire has never been so easy. Brides can customise wedding accessories like their shoes and veil with stunning embroidery, whilst grooms can opt for more discreet monogrammed cufflinks. These personalised pieces provide the perfect keepsakes, mementos that are certain to be treasured long after your wedding day. Monogrammed bouquet wraps and patches that can be worn on the underside of a bride or groom’s ensemble are other subtle options to explore.

2. Favours and gifts for guests

Struggling to find the perfect wedding gifts for your bridal party and guests? Monogrammed accessories aren’t just great keepsakes for the bride and groom, they’re excellent mementos for everyone who makes your wedding day extra special. Monogrammed tote bags and matching monogrammed t-shirts for bridesmaids to get ready in are both excellent ideas.

3. Customised ceremony staples

Your ceremony is a great place to go crazy with monogramming, which is fitting considering that’s where your new initials will be made official. Monogrammed ring pillows, altar columns and signage can all add that extra regal touch to your wedding ceremony.

4. Personalised table decorations

Your wedding table décor should provide a fitting tribute to your wider wedding theme and your partnership as a couple. Although not every bride and groom has the budget for personalised, monogrammed china, there are other ways to include your new monogram on each and every place setting, as Brides describes:

“This is one of our favorite ways to use the monogram. Why, you ask? First, an embroidered linen napkin looks oh-so-beautiful on top of a vintage plate rental like this one. And two, it’s a keepsake you can hold onto long after the wedding. As for what to monogram the napkin with, you can use yours (and keep it yourself) or personalize it for each guest (wedding favor alert!).”


5. Monogrammed wedding invites

Don’t want to wait until your big day to share your married monogram? Traditionally, married monograms shouldn’t be debuted until the wedding day itself, but no one will blame you if you can’t wait. Monogrammed wedding invitations and save the dates are a great way to go. Those who do want to stick with tradition can add their monograms to their thank you notes.

You can find more inspired ideas to create your very own royal wedding right here.

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