The ins and outs of vintage bridal accessories

Bridal accessories

Vintage accessories have a charm and character that you’re unlikely to find in their modern day equivalents. Embracing vintage accessories for your wedding? Read over our advice before you hit the shops.

Work with your dress

When buying your accessories, you should consider your desired hairstyle and your wedding dress. As tempting as it is to buy a beautiful accessory that you’ve fallen in love – don’t purchase anything until you have your dress sorted! It’s all about the dress – so you need to make sure that your accessories compliment and work with your chosen style.

In addition, you may have a strong idea of how you want to wear your hair for your wedding day – but this is of far less importance than your dress and you can easily play around with your hair-do, so that it suits.

Consider mood and style

Vintage stores offer a treasure trove of vintage accessories from a range of eras. As well as considering your dress and hairstyle for your wedding day, before you shop – take into account which vintage era and accompanying accessory will best highlight your personality.

Is your style reflective of the sophisticated, demure air of the 1940s? Or would you have found your place in the glamorous and lively 1920s? Each vintage era and the pieces of that time convey a different mood – so think carefully about this when shopping for your wedding pieces.

However, as Vintage Wedding Fair note – you don’t have to stick to a certain era. Your look can be made all the more unique and colourful by playing around with beautiful pieces from different eras:

“Of course you don’t have to have a specific era in mind when it comes to creating a vintage wedding day look. Gowns using soft romantic lace or beautiful beading will all add a vintage feel to your look – whether you go for a fishtail, prom-style, A-line or flowing glamorous or bohemian column dress. A simple straight or bias-cut gown in a luxe fabric like satin will also add a fabulous touch of old school Hollywood glamour to your look – and all of these styles can be given a stronger vintage feel by accessorising with a vintage-inspired headpiece, sash, cuff or earrings.”

Vintage necklace

Shop from a reputable seller

Make sure you buy from a reputable shop and that you can trust your seller. Be sure to do some research online about genuine and well-respected antique shops and vintage jewellers; you want to be sure that you are buying quality, with real vintage roots – rather than a cheap imitation of the real deal that might fall apart, or look cheap on your wedding day.

Buy carefully

As with modern day accessories, vintage accessories should be critiqued to a similar set of standards: make sure you go with a reputable seller and that you buy high-quality accessories that match your dress.

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