Wedding Cake Styles

One of the big events of wedding your day will be when you cut your cake in front of your friends and family. The wedding cake will be displayed throughout your wedding breakfast for everyone to see and then everyone can watch you cut your first slice as husband and wife.

It is always a nice idea to match the colour and style of your cake to your colour theme on the day. Some couples opt for the traditional tiered cake but cupcakes have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

Clearwell Castle - Cupcakes

If you are thinking about baking your cake or buying it from a shop, it is a good idea to arrange for it to be delivered to Clearwell Castle on the morning of your wedding by a friend or relative so that we can arrange for it to be set up in time.

Clearwell Castle - Wedding Cake

Not only is the style of your important but the filling! Some cakes can be designed to have a different filling in each tier, some ideas being chocolate, sponge, carrot or even chocolate fudge! This of course gives your guests a choice which is a lovely touch.

Clearwell Castle - Cake of Cheese

Why not try some of our Clearwell Castle wedding cakes- traditional, sponge, cupcakes or even our Clearwell Castle ‘cheese’ cake!

Emma at Clearwell Castle

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at Clearwell Castle, please don't hesitate to call Charlotte via the contact details below:


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