Evening food ideas – from hog roast to haggis

Chafing dishes

There are few things that guests will remember more vividly about your wedding day than the food. A beautifully prepared, well-conceived menu will keep all your friends and family happy, ensuring everyone goes away with full tummies and great memories.

However, with so many different food options to choose from, deciding what you’re going to serve your wedding guests isn’t always easy. From hog roasts to haggis and seafood buffets to village fete-style spreads, the choice of what to dish up to your hungry guests is almost endless. To help you find the perfect meal for your big day, check out our favourite ideas for an unforgettable wedding feast.

Hog roast

Hog roasts are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. As well as being delicious, they add a sense of occasion and excitement to the evening reception. Guests will be able to smell the mouth watering meat as it slowly turns on the spit, ensuring they’re ready to dive right in when the hog is done. Offer a selection of salads to accompany your hog roast and be sure to ask your venue to provide a tasty veggie option for guests who don’t eat meat.


If you and your partner love seafood, a buffet laden with prawns, mussels, cockles, crab and lobster will be right up your street. If you’re using an established venue with a significant amount of experience catering weddings, they’ll know exactly when to serve your buffet to ensure all the seafood is at its best. However, as some guests may not like seafood, and some may be allergic, it’s important you provide an alternative if you want to keep all your guests happy.

Dish served


Done well, haggis can be delicious. What’s more, it’s unlikely your guests will have had it at any previous wedding, helping your menu to stand out from the crowd. If you or your partner are Scottish or have Scottish ancestry, the dish is an even more apt choice. Vegetarian haggis is available for non-meat eaters and those not quite brave enough to sample this distinctive dish.

Planning your menu

As your venue has lots of experience of feeding hungry wedding guests, they’re well placed to advise you on what menu options work the best. Talk to your venue before you start researching menu options in earnest to find out what’s possible and to ensure you get the food you really love.

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