Why have wedding hair & makeup trials

Looking and feeling your very best is a wedding day necessity, whatever your bridal style or wedding theme. Unbeknown to many onlookers, gaining that bridal glow doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of weeks or even months of preparation. A bride’s healthy eating regime, exercise plan and last minute beauty treatments all result in that goddess guests see walking down the aisle.

The hair and makeup trial is another important step when preparing for your wedding day. Bad hair days and smudged makeup shouldn’t happen on your wedding day, and a trial is a vital part of avoiding these bridal faux pas. For many brides, however, the hair and makeup trials represent one thing – added expense. In this blog post, we reveal why it’s worth footing the bill for a hair and makeup trial.

Bring that Instagram inspiration to life

It’s all well and good coveting an array of stunning beauty images, taking them to your hair and makeup appointment on your wedding day, and hoping for the best. The Instagram inspiration you’ve so carefully collated in the run up to your wedding day may not necessarily translate to bridal. Brides do have to look flawless, but they also have to choose a look that is easy to maintain and wear all day long.

A hair and makeup trial is the perfect time to bring beauty inspiration to life. Do bear in mind that seeing a look in an image and seeing it in real life on yourself are very different things. To ensure your inspiration translates well at your trial, look for people who have a similar skin tone to you. The season you are marrying in can also help you find the right inspiration. Check out our bridal makeup looks for each season.

Receive great, unbiased advice

Not everyone is blessed with their own personal glam squad. With this in mind, most of us get our beauty product information from rather biased sources at department store makeup counters and the like. A hair and makeup trial is an excellent opportunity to get that unbiased product advice and application tips that will leave you looking your best on your wedding day and beyond, without being bound to a certain brand.

Use your hair and makeup trial well by asking as many questions as you can and listening well. You should also be brutally honest about the looks that you try. You won’t hurt the professional’s feelings. They are there to help you look your best on your big day.

Define those all-important timings

The morning of a wedding is chaotic at the best of times. By preparing as much as you can in the weeks and days before your big day you can keep your wedding morning as calm as it can be. Your hair and makeup trial is an ideal time to define wedding morning timings so stress can be kept to a minimum as Summer Langton, Hair Stylist at Michael Van Clarke, explains:

“We always provide our Brides with a planner outlining the timings and order of when the bride and her bridal party are getting their hair and makeup done, so we know everyone will be ready to leave at the designated time. If we are not working with one of our resident makeup artists, we will liaise with the chosen artist to ensure they work to the same schedule and we slot in together.”

Nail your dream bridal look

A wedding hair and makeup trial is essentially the best time to decide what you want, and more importantly what you don’t want, beauty-wise on your wedding day. With the knowledge that your hair and makeup trial gives you, you can also plan the rest of your look. This means your hair, makeup and accessories can all be set in stone long before your big day.

Got a wedding hair and makeup trial coming up? Here’s how to make the most of your test run.

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