Wedding Nerves – Top ten tips to beat away those nerves

Your wedding day and planning should be very enjoyable so we have come up with some top tips to help you keep those dreaded nerves at bay!

1. Keep calm– take deep breaths when you feel the stress building up.

2. Remember your can’t please everyone– so don’t try, as long as you two are happy that’s all that matters.

3. The art of compromise– so many people are involved in the wedding day, when making a decision ask yourself is it worth a fight? Perhaps meet half way.

4. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate– remember to use your Front of House Manager, friends and family and always share the to do list.  It will make your life easier and hopefully stop you getting nervous and stressed.

5. Avoid stressing out– eat well, get a good night’s sleep before the big day and have some ‘you’ time.

6. Share a problem– no better way to do this than a girl’s/boys’ night out with lots of laughter!

7. Stay Positive– attitude and the right mind set will make all the difference.

8. Spend quality time together– this does not have to be about the wedding, plan something for once you are married, or just simply have a chill out night with a good old film.

9. Keep your eye on the end result– make a plan and work towards it, remember the day you are working towards.

10. Remember why you are getting married– Because you love each other– nothing else matters!

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