Wedding shoes – what would you wear?!

Even though many Bride’s wedding dress covers their shoes, they are still a HUGE part of a their outfit! There is actually a very interesting history to wedding shoes- Anglo-Saxon Brides tossed shoes rather than bouquets to Bridesmaids who hoped to be the next to marry. Brides in merry old England followed the directive that they wear “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue- and a sixpence in her shoe” by tucking coins into their wedding slippers.

However traditions have clearly changed over the years! Today’s Brides wear a whole range of different wedding shoes from high heels to Bridal flip flops! In response, designers such as Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo, Stuart Weitzman, Kenneth Cole and Manolo Blahnik have filled shelves with wedding pumps, slingbacks, sandals and ballet flats.

Bridal Trainers seem to be one new trend and the Rainbow Club are a very popular designer for these. What a fabulous idea to be able to dance the night away. Maybe this trend stemmed from the hit movie Father of the Bride?!

However, my favorite idea for comfort in the evening is Bridal flip flops! They look gorgeous and especially at a summer wedding.

What shoes have you opted for? We would love to hear!

Katie at Clearwell Castle

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