Top 5 ideas for wedding thank you cards

Wedding thank you cards

Writing out your wedding thank you cards is the first all-important thing task once you’re a married couple. It’s always a good idea to get thinking about the style of card you want. Sending out a standard card printed on Basildon Bond paper may look a bit rushed. Consider adding a bit of flair and your own unique touches! Here at Clearwell Castle we’ve come up with five ideas to create the perfect wedding thank you cards.

1. Word it well

The first challenge is to figure out what you’re going to write on the cards. Remember, fancy decoration is fine but not vital. Guests want to feel the message they’ve received is personal, not a template – regardless of how pretty it looks. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean sonnet. It just has to come from the heart.

In The Knot, Lauren Kay has perfectly summarised how the wording on your wedding thank you cards should be:

“Personalise your wedding thank-you note to reflect your relationship with the addressee and the gift they gave. Use specifics: “the Waterford Lismore vase from our registry.” If you’ve been gifted money for your wedding, explain how you plan to use it, like “we’re saving for our first house” or “we can’t wait to indulge at the spa on our honeymoon.” Their presence was a present too—don’t forget to thank your gift giver for attending your wedding and for thinking of you at this special time.”

2. Include a wedding photo

Many couples today will choose to include a photo of themselves to use in their thank you cards. We think this is a fabulous idea, as it’s a super fun way to keep the memory of your big day alive. You can check out some examples over at the Bridal Guide, who’ve put together 20 of their most whimsical ideas. In many cases, couples have had special shots taken on the day to use in the cards.

We especially love the photo of the couple who’ve said thank you using scrabble pieces.

3. For the sophisticated couple

If you and your spouse are sophisticated types, why not go for something with a historic twist?

Your thank you cards could embrace a regal look, using gilted wording and embossed on ivory card. This idea was explored in Brides a while back, and it oozes style. In some cases couples have added a charming silk ribbon to the cards too.

4. Go vintage!

If you’re a couple who adores vintage, then go for the old classic – a postcard. A thank you card fashioned to look like a quirky 1950’s postcard would make the ideal keepsake for your guests, something they could treasure for years to come.

5. Something for the animal lovers

One idea we found, thanks to Martha Stewart, is to have a thank you card emblazoned with a dainty Victorian-era cutout of a messenger bird. It’s really quite sweet, intertwining our two favourite things – vintage and animals. For the message itself, try to have it written in “old world” calligraphy style for that cute extra touch.

We hope you like these ideas, but if you have anymore please let us know!

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