Weddings inspired by art and artists

Art lovers will be intrigued by the idea of a wedding reception inspired by paintings. From Van Gogh to the Pre-Raphaelites to Postmodern, there are hundreds of possible creative themes for a wedding. In this post, we explore there ways you might create a wedding reception inspired by your favourite art or artist.


Vincent Van Gogh

Known for creating paintings that burst with bright primary colours, Van Gogh often blended themes of love and frustration. A wedding based on the Dutch artist’s work might draw inspiration from famous pieces like Sunflowers or The Starry Night. To emulate these paintings, consider a rustic and colourful theme with lots of bright blues, reds and yellows.

A Van Gogh inspired wedding is perfect for the spring or summer, the months where nature comes to life. A wonderful idea is to have one of Van Gogh’s more exuberant paintings as the inspiration for the wedding ceremony, and perhaps The Starry Night as the inspiration for your evening reception. By toning down the affair you will create a fantastic contrast – it’s almost like having two weddings for the price of one.

Van gogh

Renaissance Inspirations

The Renaissance was a time when artists looked to the ancient past. Roman and Greek sculptures were a strong source of inspiration, prompting works like Michelangelo’s David and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. This era also offers a mix of romance and fantasy that lends itself so well to weddings. In order to generate an air of charming creativity, you should embrace the entire period, as mentioned on Wikihow:

“Weddings in the Middle Ages were a time to dance, feast, and be merry, so it’s no surprise that medieval and Renaissance-themed weddings are still popular today. Planning a medieval or Renaissance wedding does require some extra thought and preparation. If you want to throw a 16th-century wedding that your guests will never forget, you should focus on finding a good venue, crafting a traditional medieval menu, decorating for the time period, and dressing the part.”

Pre-Raphaelite Inspired

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, founded in 1848 by William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, was an artistic movement that embraced the romantic and aesthetically-pleasing side of art. As the original Bohemians, the Pre-Raphaelites were inspired by fantasy and poetry.

For this theme, it’s a chance to embrace Bohemianism in its most gorgeous and eclectic form. Style yourself in vintage dresses and wear flowers in your hair. For the reception, create a blend of the luxurious and the rustic. Try using a mix of wildflowers as table centrepieces and use a range of vintage plates and wine glasses to cement that Bohemian charm.

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