6 ways to say “will you be my bridesmaid?”

Wedding planning is all about questions. It all starts with a proposal, but you’ll have a hundred queries for your suppliers too. Asking friends or family whether they’d like to play starring roles in your special day is a major question too.

The bridesmaid is an integral part of your bridal party. Your chosen bridesmaid will help you choose bridesmaid dresses, assist you with wedding dress shopping, attend all wedding-based events (such as the engagement party, hen celebration and dress fittings), and provide a vital source of support and strength during this very stressful time. The average bridesmaids duties shouldn’t be underestimated. They’ll play a huge part in your special day and the days, weeks and months before the wedding, a fact that makes being asked to be a bridesmaid a real honour.

There are many ways in which you can pop the question to your prospective bridesmaids and even create a special moment that they’ll look back on with fondness. Read on to discover the top 6 ways to say “will you be my bridesmaid?”.

1. Say it with a gift box

There are tons of bridesmaid proposal gifts on the market. Investing in a personalised bridesmaid gift box, however, will show you’re prepared to go that extra mile to ensure she says “yes” to being a part of your brigade. Add a selection of goodies that’s personal to them, whether that’s a mini version of their favourite tipple, nail polish in her favourite shade or a pendant she can wear on your big day. For younger bridal party members, a gift basket to use on the day itself could be the way to go as Confetti explains:

“A gift basket would be the perfect little gift for your younger bridesmaids/flower girls, as the basket itself could be the very one they use to scatter petals down the aisle on your wedding day. Fill the basket out with a smaller gift, such as an “Our Special Flower Girl” or “Our Special Bridesmaid” necklace.”

2. Go big with a balloon in a box

Nothing says “occasion” like a fabulously decorated, huge balloon! “Will you be my bridesmaid” balloons are becoming increasingly popular with brides wishing to propose in the most Instagram-worthy way possible. You can quite literally pop the question with some balloon designs, with bridesmaids-to-be needing to pop the balloon with a pin to reveal the question inside.

3. Make it sentimental

We love an emotion-inducing proposal, and this level of sentimentality shouldn’t be reserved for your fiancé. Use your friendship journey so far to not just ask the question but explain why they’re your first choice. Personalised photo albums are just one of the ways you can pull at those heartstrings during your bridesmaid proposal.

4. Don’t just say, scratch

Everyone loves a scratch card, but asking your question is much more valuable than any cash gift. For art-loving bridesmaids, the bride and bridesmaid colouring cards, where bridesmaids will colour in the picture to reveal the question, are the perfect proposal gift.

5. Indulge their sweet tooth

Keep things sweet with personalised confectionery or sugar biscuits. Some even come with the option for the bridesmaid to answer yes or no in biscuit or sweet form. What you do with these sweet treats afterwards is entirely up to you!

6. Message in a… mug

If your bridesmaid is more of a tea or coffee drinker than a biscuit or sweet lover, personalised mugs and coffee cups are the ideal way to ask the question. Your message can either be printed on the outside of the cup or at the bottom so your bridesmaid only sees the question once she’s finished her brew.

Just said “I will” to the bride-to-be in your life? Check out the rules every bridesmaid should follow and be the best bridesmaid you can be.

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