Real life wedding – Zoe and Sarah

Happy brides

Working in the same Police force it was on a works night out for Christmas in 2013 that Zoe and Sarah first met.

Zoe visited Sarah’s police station in 2014 and a few weeks after this Zoe added Sarah on Facebook.

Zoe – “It went from the odd message every other day to daily conversations. I felt like I couldn’t find out enough about her and my face lit up with the biggest grin whenever her name popped up on my phone. I remember thinking she wouldn’t be interested in me, she’s beautiful, intelligent and way out of my league!”

They had their first date at Zoe’s house having dinner.  Lots of dates followed.

Sarah – “Leaving Zoe’s house I remember thinking ‘there’s no way she would be interested in me’ but that turned out to be the first date of many. From then on, we would meet up whenever possible, which was difficult with our shifts. Often it would be at midnight in Starbucks drive through, where we would lose track of time and talk until sunrise.”

Zoe – “We dated for roughly a year but within the first couple of months i knew she was my soulmate. Sarah was the most perfect person i have ever met and i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. In January 2016 i surprised her with a trip to Iceland for her birthday (the country not the supermarket). I knew it was on her list of dream destinations and planned to propose to her under the Northern Lights.”

Sarah – “Zoe and i had both been to weddings at Clearwell previously and were impressed at not only the beautiful setting but also the staff at the castle. They could not do enough for the guests at the wedding and this was the main selling point for us on choosing it as our dream venue.”

Our brides stayed with us the night before. Friday 29th September 2017. Sarah in Keepers Cottage, Zoe in North Lodge and Guests in The Clear Well.

The big day! Saturday 30th September 2017

Zoe – “Once we were ready, we were taken out into the corridor for a first touch photo. I remember this was the first moment i felt nervous. I still hadn’t seen Sarah, but we were both completely ready to go, stood either side of a wall unable to see each other, holding hands for one last photo before we were married. I remember saying to her ‘please don’t do a runner!’.”

At 1.30pm it was time for the ceremony.

Following the ceremony our two brides and their guests enjoyed canapes and drinks. Mojitos, Long Island Iced Tea cocktails and bottles of Peroni.

The wedding breakfast in the ballroom was followed by the evening reception in our Cellar Bar. Glow sticks making an appearance.

Dance moves made an appearance too!!

Sunday 1st October 2017. A new month and their first full day together as a married couple.

Zoe and Sarah – “Clearwell Castle really turned our dream wedding into reality. From start to finish the staff utilised it’s grandeur and elegance to provide us with a perfect wedding experience. From the gardens to the bedrooms, the food to the setting, not a single thing was out of place or incorrect.”

Two beautiful brides, a beautiful wedding and “memories that will last a life last a life time.”

Photographer – Anderson Photography
Videographer – LR film & Photography
Cake – Vale Cake Boutique
Wedding Dresses
Zoe’s – All About Eve (Newport) – Stella York
Alterations made by Rhiannon Brown
Sarah’s – Cardiff Bridal – Sottero & Midgley

Georgina McMullen

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