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Team CC
September 13th 2019
Ideas to celebrate your first anniversary
Every wedding anniversary is special, but nothing is quite as special as your first. Marking your fi…
Team CC
August 30th 2019
Top tips for making your wedding more eco-friendly
Most of us want to live a more conscious lifestyle. Incorporating sustainability into our everyday l…
Team CC
July 22nd 2019
Why do we have bridesmaids at weddings?
Bridesmaids are a given at nearly all weddings, but where did this tradition come from and why do we…
Team CC
June 28th 2019
Hot pink is paving the way at weddings
For years, brides and grooms favoured neutral tones and natural colours for their wedding décor. Al…
Team CC
June 14th 2019
Top ideas for a Bollywood themed wedding
Bollywood-inspired weddings have become very popular over the years. Celebrities have been won over …
Team CC
June 7th 2019
Sweet ways to personalise your bridal bouquet
There are so many options for making your big day your own. We’re no stranger to delivering advice…

Secret or sentimental messages to surprise the bride with

May 17th 2019

Know your trains – beautiful bridal wedding trains

May 10th 2019

Changing trends – hats vs fascinators

May 3rd 2019

The rise of wedding podcasts

April 26th 2019

6 ways to say “will you be my bridesmaid?”

March 29th 2019

A Guide to Wedding Dress Hoops

March 8th 2019
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