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Real Weddings
Emma Foster
December 3rd 2017
The Insider’s View – Emma and Dave, A Real Life Blog.
Emma, Clearwell Castle’s Sales Manager celebrated their wedding reception at the Castle, 10 ye…
Real Weddings
Emma Foster
October 30th 2017
Real life wedding – Zoe and Sarah
Working in the same Police force it was on a works night out for Christmas in 2013 that Zoe and Sara…
Real Weddings
Emma Foster
October 2nd 2017
Jenny and Steve – May the 4th be with you! A real life wedding
‘Steve kept “poking” me on Facebook until I gave in and accepted his friend reques…
Real Weddings
Emma Foster
September 12th 2017
Real life wedding – Lois and Luke
Friday 28th April 2017. Lois and Luke marry. Staying the night before in our estate properties ̵…
Real Weddings
Emma Foster
August 21st 2017
Real life wedding – Hollie and Alex
At the age of 14 Hollie was in the year below Alex at school. From there first date together chattin…
Real Weddings
Emma Foster
June 20th 2017
A real life wedding – Chris and Sam
Chris and Sam celebrated their wedding day at Clearwell Castle on Friday 26th May 2017 having booked…

Real life wedding – Lucy & Graham

October 4th 2016

Real life wedding – Gemma and Chris

September 2nd 2016

A Real Life Wedding at Clearwell Castle

July 7th 2015

Real Weddings – Kim and Ian

November 18th 2013

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