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Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
March 5th 2018
The Wedding of Amanda and Leon
The Proposal Amanda’s final present in her stocking on Christmas Day 2016 was her engagement r…
Real Weddings
Alyson Claydon
January 18th 2018
Friday the 13th – Unlucky for some but not for all! Natalie and Chris – A real life wedding blog.
Moving in to a new home would probably be enough excitement by itself for most people. But not for C…
Real Weddings
Laura Vodden
December 5th 2017
An Autumn Wedding – Kenny & Claire
Having attended a wedding 7 years previous, Claire had already fallen in love with Clearwell Castle,…
Real Weddings
Team CC
December 3rd 2017
The Insider’s View – Emma and Dave, A Real Life Blog.
Emma, Clearwell Castle’s Sales Manager celebrated their wedding reception at the Castle, 10 ye…
Real Weddings
Team CC
October 30th 2017
Real life wedding – Zoe and Sarah
Working in the same Police force it was on a works night out for Christmas in 2013 that Zoe and Sara…
Real Weddings
Team CC
October 2nd 2017
Jenny and Steve – May the 4th be with you! A real life wedding
‘Steve kept “poking” me on Facebook until I gave in and accepted his friend reques…

Real life wedding – Lois and Luke

September 12th 2017

Real life wedding – Hollie and Alex

August 21st 2017

A real life wedding – Chris and Sam

June 20th 2017

Real life wedding – Lucy & Graham

October 4th 2016

Real life wedding – Gemma and Chris

September 2nd 2016

A Real Life Wedding at Clearwell Castle

July 7th 2015
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