Nickie & Kate

Wow. What an amazing day and a beautiful venue! I’ve seen some feedback that the castle needs an update etc but this is just not true! Its a castle! It is brilliantly done so although it has modern amenities, it still feels like a glorious castle! I walked down the aisle to game of thrones and it couldn’t have been more fitting! The venue is breathtaking and as our friends and family hadn’t seen it before the day it was really exciting seeing their reactions for the first time, no one expected it! Beautifully lit at night too!

We had no idea what an asset Tally and her team were going to be! I don’t even know how to start writing this review. Tally is a machine. A very talented and professional machine! She handled every question, every request, every marked up floorplan effortlessly and delivered EXACTLY what we imagined! Better even! I don’t think I will ever experience a service like it! Absolutely nothing was too much, even on the morning of the wedding when everything was go go go! She felt like a real friend, laughing with us, and always checking in! We had such an incredible day, and I really seriously mean it when I say this wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good if it wasn’t for Tally. Her entire team are incredibly organised. Everyone played their part to perfection! I understand Tally even jumped on the bar at one stage to cover a break, and it was thanks to Tally that we invented a new drink ‘The Hersey’ which everyone loved! (Though we have no idea how to do it again!) She also was great with dealing with our crazy guests too when they wouldn’t stop clapping.

We had no idea what to expect as we’d never done anything like this before but we are absolutely incredibly blown away. I could never do what Tally does. I don’t think many people could! And even better she absolutely bosses it! The only sad thing is now the wedding’s over, we don’t get to see her again! 10/10, would recommend, think she might be an actual hero. All in all Clearwell Castle was the perfect ending to our fairytale and the perfect start to our next adventure. We couldn’t imagine being anywhere else! The food was devine! The setting was beautiful and we really felt special all day long!! We opted to have very minimal extra decorations as we felt it was perfect as it was. Thank you all so much!!

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at Clearwell Castle, please don't hesitate to call Charlotte via the contact details below:


T: 01594 832 320

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