How to customise your wedding dress

Wedding dress

When imagining a bridal shop, do you picture being overwhelmed by layers of floating fabrics and white netting? Do you imagine row after row of white wedding dresses, sporting long skirts, lace, and traditional cuts? How do you personalise your wedding dress and make it your own? Luckily, there are many ways to bring a colourful, personalised touch to your wedding dress – read on for our favourites.

Play with colour

We all love the look of the traditional white wedding dress, when else will you get to wear a beautiful white gown? As such, while there are many gorgeous wedding dress colours to play with, there is something to be said for sticking to the classic white on your wedding day. However, you can easily bring a pop of colour to your look, to help jazz it up. There are a variety things you can do that will bring in a brighter hue to your bridal look.

Dip-dyed veils are are an especially good option, where the top of the veil is classic white and the bottom of the veil sports a bold colour. Vibrant red, punk purple, or statement fuchsia, the dip-dyed veil is a cool, modern addition to any bride’s look.

If you’re not rocking a veil on your wedding day, your underskirt offers another great

opportunity to experiment with colour and print; if you already know your colour scheme, then it’s easy to pick a shade for your underskirt. You could also look into fun prints or multi-coloured shades for your underskirt, for a look that is even more high impact.

Bring in vintage elements

Another gorgeous way to customise your dress is to bring in fabrics from your mother’s, grandmother’s, or even your great grandmother’s, wedding dress. You can easily sew in fabrics that were used to create your relative’s wedding dresses into your own for a look that is totally original to you and celebrates the important relationships in your life.

It’s also good fun to experiment with vintage elements in general – found some beautiful ivory fabric in a vintage store? Then use it to customise your own wedding dress. Vintage shops are also treasure troves for one-of-a-kind vintage accessories, perfect for bringing unique vibes to your bridal style.

Personalised embroidery  

If you don’t want your dress to veer too far from the traditional bridal look, you can go the personalised stitching route. Personalised embroidery involves asking a friend, or family member who excels with a needle, to stitch you something highly personal into your wedding dress. This doesn’t have to be on the front of the bodice, or the skirt, there are plenty of sneaking places to plant personalised embroidery on your wedding dress; the inside of your bodice is a lovely place to place a smart heart in your husband-to-be’s favourite colour.

Wedding jewellery

Statement Jewellery

Statement jewellery is a fun way to bring your unique personal style to your wedding day look – as Bridal Guide demonstrate:

“Do experiment with statement pieces to enhance your wedding day look. If you’re wearing your hair down, choose a dramatic pair of chandelier earrings (dainty ones will get lost in the shuffle).  And if you are donning a strapless sheath, by all means, wear that chunky statement necklace.”

There are countless ways to bring a unique feel to your wedding dress, so embrace colours, personalised embroidery and statement gems!

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