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Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
March 13th 2020
A Real Life Wedding in Pictures – Will & Carli
A picture-perfect December wedding. The beautiful Carli & Will.   Photographer – Nick…
Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
December 4th 2019
James & Steph – 20th April 2019
Hidden under a rose arch, James asked Steph to become his wife at Hyde Park, London. With a secret p…
Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
November 7th 2019
David & Grace – 6th May 2019
Instead of packing up the house ready for their big move David used all the boxes to build a castle …
Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
November 5th 2019
Milo & Harriet – 5th November 2019
Milo and Harriet had been chatting about getting engaged. Milo got down on one knee after arriving h…
Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
October 21st 2019
Joe & Ami – Sunday 5th May 2019
As the clock struck midnight and it became Ami’s birthday Joe asked her if she’d like her bi…
Real Weddings
Georgina McMullen
September 16th 2019
Dan & Natasha – 19th April 2019
Living in the same city for 10 years, but never meeting, Dan returned to Bristol for a friends leavi…

Stephen & Carla

August 18th 2019

Anthony & Sidrah – 30th March 2019

August 2nd 2019

Connor & Amy – 11th April 2019

August 1st 2019

Curtis & Jessie Williams – 29th March 2019

June 18th 2019

Stephen & Bethan – Saturday 22nd December 2018

March 29th 2019

Kevin and Laura – 5th October 2018

February 7th 2019
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