Maid of honour or chief bridesmaid?

Selecting the members of your bridal party can mean making difficult choices. After all, as Bridal Guide Mag says, With friends and family anticipating or assuming they’ll be asked, it’s easy to get confused and resentful.” The best way to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, or causing a wedding bust-up, is to put some serious thought into who will stand up with you on the most important day of your life. Picking the right people will not only make the day run more smoothly, it will also help to make your wedding even more enjoyable.

If you’re a bride, the most important appointment you’ll need to make is maid of honour or chief bridesmaid. The person who will be your rock through the planning stages, the head coordinator of your hen do and the friend calming your nerves just before you walk down the aisle, the chief bridesmaid is integral to the smooth running of your big day. So what exactly is the difference between a maid of honour and a chief bridesmaid? We decided to find out.

Maid of honour vs chief bridesmaid

In reality, the main difference between a maid of honour and a chief bridesmaid is nationality. In the US, the bride’s BFF has generally been known as the maid of honour if they’re single or the matron of honour if they’re married. In the UK, the chief bridesmaid has traditionally been the person the bride relies on. Aside from linguistic differences, virtually nothing separates the two roles. This leaves the decision about what to call your wing woman completely up to you.

Duties of the maid of honour/chief bridesmaid

As well as showing your dearest friend how much they mean to you, the role of maid of honour or chief bridesmaid is incredibly important throughout the build up to the wedding and on the day itself. From helping you pick out your dress to advising you on your choice of venue, caterers and wedding theme, your chief bridesmaid/maid of honour will be there throughout the planning process. On the big day itself, your BFF will calm your nerves, help you get ready and ensure everything on the day goes as smoothly as possible.

How to choose a maid of honour/ chief bridesmaid

Unless you have a clear frontrunner for the position, choosing a maid of honour/chief bridesmaid can be a real challenge. Before making a decision, think about the different qualities each of your potential picks would bring to the role. Ideally, you want someone who’s reliable, trustworthy and calm in a crisis. If your chosen friend also has a good sense of humour and a talent for organisation, then you’re onto a real winner.

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