Rise of Buddymoons – would you invite your nearest and dearest on your honeymoon?

Traditionally, the honeymoon has given newlywed couples the opportunity to relax, unwind and spend some quality time together. Often one of the most enjoyable parts of the entire occasion, many couples look forward to their honeymoon just as much as the wedding itself.

These days, however, couples are starting to do something a little different. Instead of jetting off on a romantic break for two, more and more newlyweds are taking their friends along for the ride.

These ‘buddymoons’ are becoming increasingly popular, especially with younger generations. So, would you invite your nearest and dearest on your honeymoon? Here are some of the most important things to consider before planning your trip.

Why choose a buddymoon?

The main reason couples opt for a buddymoon over a traditional honeymoon is the fun factor. According to @Pingit, “52 percent of young couples said that they have more fun when they are in a group rather than being alone with their partner.” When you’re holidaying with friends, you have more people to talk to, more people to go out with, and more people to laugh with. Inviting friends along for the post-wedding holiday is therefore seen as a great way to make the trip more fun and more enjoyable.

Who to invite?

Who you invite on your buddymoon will have a big impact on the dynamics of the trip. A lot of couples opt to bring members of the bridal party along for the holiday. Inviting the bridesmaids and groomsmen to a post-wedding getaway gives couples the perfect chance to bond with their closest friends and unwind after the big day. If your bridesmaids and groomsmen went out of their way to support you through your nuptials, you could say thank you by offering to pay all or part of, the cost of their holiday.

Where to go?

Once you’ve decided on a guest list and persuaded your nearest and dearest to tag along, you need to pick a destination for your buddymoon. If you’re paying the airfares, you’ll probably want to pick a destination that’s fairly affordable.

Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Croatia all make fantastic beach break destinations. Book a villa with a private pool that’s within easy reach of the sea and you, your new spouse and your friends can enjoy a relaxing week or two in the sun.

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