Bridal makeup for each season

As a bride considering her makeup for your wedding day, your choices will depend on your desired look and the time of year. Each season brings with it a unique colour scheme. Autumn is characterised by golds, bronzes and berries, while Spring is all about delicate pastels. Summer is bright and playful, but winter is frosted and subdued. It’s a challenge to get it right – higher temperatures risk melting your makeup, while lower temperatures put you at risk of looking overly pale. In this post, we will explore the best colours and makeup tricks for every season.


Winter is a great season for makeup. The hues are bold and charming, and the weather plays well for makeup longevity; no melted makeup here. Winter is a fab time to play with the dewy look, and it won’t turn from glowing to oily in a matter of hours.

Winter is all about dark reds and berries, metallic gold and silver eyeshadows, and reddish cheeks. Vampy shades work well with a snowy backdrop, which brings a striking contrast. Spend time figuring out the best makeup for your own complexion and skin type. Vampy shades are a good choice for brides with very dark or pale, cold-toned complexions. If you suit lighter shades, a softer berry hue is a fab choice.


Autumn offers many wonderful colours – mocha browns, burnt reds, and warm bronzes. These shades work well with the lovely autumnal weather, the golden leaves and crisp, blue skies. Warm reds work well on the eye, as well as the lips. Match the shade to your tone. A bright red works well on pale and darker skin tones, whereas a burnt red works well with a tanned skintone.


Spring is the time for your cool-toned pastels: baby pinks, lilacs, and pale blues. Pastels work well with lighter skintones. Darker skintones work beautifully with peaches, pale golds, and bolder lilacs. Shimmery finishes on the eyes and glossy finishes on the lips work well with the spring season.


Summer is the ideal time for choosing brighter shades to match the the season. Fushias, bubblegum pinks, and corals are all wonderful summer shades that work with every skintone in this beautiful season.

Be prepared for the summer heat as your makeup can easily melt off during a long wedding day. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your makeup intact. After applying your makeup, be sure to dust with a finishing of matt setting powder (as opposed to one with a shimmery finish). You can also make your makeup last longer with a spritz of makeup-setting spray.

Hues of the season

As Brides note, your choice of wedding season has a big impact on your makeup choices:

“Just like you take the time of year into consideration when choosing your wedding colors, brides should do the same when deciding what makeup they’ll be wearing down the aisle. Tying the knot around the holidays? Bold, rich lipstick hues look striking against a white, snowy backdrop. Saying I do in the spring? Soft pastel eyeshadow, lip, and nail colors are in bloom.”

As such, take the time to match your makeup to the season and your skintone.

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