Castle Bedrooms

At Clearwell Castle, we are able to offer 15 beautiful Castle bedrooms for the night of your wedding!

12 Castle bedrooms are located in the Main Castle with 3 bedrooms located in the Coachman’s Lodge in one of our outbuildings.

With the 2 family bedrooms, Vereker and Baynham, there is certainly a sense of ‘Wow’ when opening the door. The two beautiful family rooms consist of two double beds and en-suite bathrooms.

Vereker Suite


Clearwell Castle - Vereker


Baynham Suite


Clearwell Castle - Baynham


The Castle offers outstanding views across the grounds no matter where you are staying in the Castle and our beautiful Mermaid and Merman Suite, located on the first floor, have front facing bedrooms looking straight across to the front circle where you will see guests arriving.

Mermaid Suite


Clearwell Castle - Mermaid Suite


We have two double bedrooms in both of the towers both again with breath-taking views.

Without doubt our Bridal Suite, Gresham, offers the perfect pre-wedding photo, the famous group shot with your Bridesmaids. It also offers a luxurious and romantic setting for your first night as husband and wife!


Clearwell Castle - Gresham


We look forward to welcoming you for your stay with us soon!

Emma at Clearwell Castle



If you are considering booking a wedding at Clearwell Castle, or already have a date secured, please contact Emma to discuss our range of wedding & accommodation packages:


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