7 bridal sins you must avoid

Your wedding day will be the biggest day of your life, it’s just so easy to get swept away with all the emotions and excitement of wedding preparations, but beware! There are 7 sins some brides-to-be succumb to in the build up to their big day.

1. The Competitive Bride

If you are one of those people who tend to be critical of other people’s weddings, then you may find that when It comes to arranging your own wedding you start steering into bridezilla territory. Remember, it’s not a competition, this is your day so don’t try a make it all about outdoing everyone else.

2. Don’t be a Control Freak

To achieve the perfect wedding you do not have to become a demanding control freak. Make sure that your wedding planning is fun and easy going. Your family and friends will be put off if you demand too much of them, so don’t go over the top with unreasonable demands.

3. Talking Non-Stop About your Wedding

Your wedding is probably going to be the most exciting thing you have every had to plan for, but don’t go on about it. Its ok to be excited about your wedding, but it is your day and no one else’s.

4. Don’t Crash Diet

We all want to look and feel great for our wedding day. Dieting for the big day may be tempting, however, diets are stressful. You probably have a look you want to achieve for your wedding day, but crash dieting before your wedding will affect your energy levels and mood, you don’t need to put any more pressure on yourself.

5. Neglecting your Fiancé

When you are in the throws of your wedding planning, don’t neglect the most important person – your fiancé. Your wedding day is about both of you, so don’t leave your partner out of the wedding planning, or neglect him during the run up to your wedding.

6. Don’t Blow your Wedding Budget

This sin will have repercussions long after your wedding day. One of the worst things you can do is blow your budget, a few extra pounds here, may not sound much at the time, but when it all gets totted up, it can push your budget over the edge. You don’t want to start your married life with a huge debt to pay off.

St. Simons Elopements says, “If you’re not careful, your wedding reception has the potential to blow your wedding budget completely out the door with the food, refreshments, or meal you want to serve. The biggest factor depends on how many guests will be attending. You don’t always have to follow tradition, though.  You can combine the traditional with new ideas of your own.  The main idea is to have a memorable, fun, and exciting wedding reception and stay within a reasonable budget!”

7. Try Not to Over Complicate Things

There is no need to go over the top on unnecessary items; you don’t need to give your guests personal wedding favours or buy unique personalised table decorations.

Did you know that half your guests will not take their wedding favours home with them, they will just be left on the table and your cash will have gone down the drain? Instead, why not put the cash you saved towards extra wine or towards the entertainment, you know which options your guests will appreciate more.

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