The golden rules to being a great wedding guest

Every single wedding guest has a vital role to play in the big scale production that is a wedding day. They’re there to laugh, love and even cry with the bride and groom whilst witnessing what is certain to be one of the best days of their lives. If you’re invited to a wedding this summer, there is certain guest etiquette that you should keep in mind.

Whether this is the first or 21st wedding you’ve attended, sticking to the following golden rules and being the best wedding guest you can be is the greatest gift you can give to the newlyweds.

RSVP early

As soon as you hear a friend or family member is getting married, like that poignant engagement ring selfie or receive a fateful save the date, you have an active part to play as a wedding guest. It all starts with the RSVP. Couples usually send their wedding invitations six to eight weeks before the big day, but don’t leave it until the last minute to respond with your reply. RSVP as soon as possible to ensure the couple has all the information they need to fine tune their wedding plans. Guest numbers dictate a lot of vital aspects, from the seating plans to the linen order.

Dress the part

What to wear is one of the greatest dilemmas facing wedding guests. In fact, we recently discussed what it takes to be named best dressed guest. Every guest must dress the part, whether attending the wedding reception or the entire affair. In addition to taking a hint from the dress code mentioned on the invitation, there are several things you must consider to strike the balance between looking fabulous and ruining the bride’s special day.

Despite many stylists claiming that wearing a shade of white as a wedding guest is no longer taboo, wedding planner Lindsey Sachs recommends not taking the risk:

“Whether you know the bride’s stance on this topic or not, you can’t go wrong by playing it safe. Consider hues that coordinate with the current season, or those that complement the wedding color palette. By not wearing white, you won’t end up the topic of conversation among other curious guests and, most importantly, your wardrobe choice won’t detract from the bride who deserves to be honored on her wedding day as the leading lady in white.”

Arm yourself with a gift

The couple inviting you to their wedding have almost certainly spent countless hours and grown a few grey hairs planning the big day of their dreams. Show your appreciation for their efforts by bringing along a gift to mark the occasion. Presents and monetary gifts all count. The vast majority of couples set up wedding registries to make it easier for guests to select a wedding gift they want.

Enjoy the day

Your marrying couple will want you to have a blast on their wedding day, but enjoy yourself within reason. There’s nothing worse than dealing with overly intoxicated people on your wedding day, being hogged by a very chatty guest or being the subject of a few too many selfies, so keep this in mind when attending a wedding as a guest. Going too far the other way and keeping yourself to yourself by hiding in the corner or only speaking to guests you know is also a big no-no.

Be a ray of sunshine on their wedding day, spreading your love and positivity everywhere you go. Remember you’re there to celebrate the most fantastic special occasion!

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