Boho bridal beauty tips

Bride beauty preperation

Every bride wants to look beautiful and unique on her wedding day, but as a boho-bride, most style and beauty bridal advice may not be tailored to you; the classic Disney princess style dress, sparkling accessories and refined hair and makeup, are the the antithesis of a bohemian bride. Read on for our advice on how to style a bridal beauty look that is totally unique to you.

Boho beauty routine

As a boho-bride, a natural beauty look may be your bag and with the right prep, a glowing, natural beauty look is pretty easy to obtain. For glowing skin, that needs little makeup on your wedding day, get a good skincare routine going, at least two months before your wedding day. Your skin goes through month long cycles and you won’t see the results of a healthy eating plan (researchers found that eating more fruit and vegetables contributes to a healthy, golden glow) and skin care routine for at least a month after you begin.

A simple skincare routine will ensure that your skin is fresh and clear on your wedding day. All you need are a few simple skincare essentials to get you glowing: cleanser, moisturiser, a clay mask and a chemical exfoliator. A cleanser and moisturiser are skincare essentials – the foundations of a good skincare routine and healthy skin. Makeupalley is a great place to look for reviews on the best skincare products, including cleansers and moisturisers.

A clay mask is a must for clear skin, especially if your skin type is combination, oily, or prone to breakouts; a clay mask will help clear out impurities and leave your skin looking clear and smooth.

In addition, a chemical exfoliant is essential; BHAs are wonderful for shrinking pores and clearing up breakouts, whereas AHAs are perfect for helping skin appear younger. Both types of exfoliants will leave your skin glowing. In contrast to physical exfoliants, chemical exfoliants don’t contain large exfoliants that can tear and damage the skin.

Boho bouquetIt’s all about the makeup!

If you’re looking for a natural makeup look; a tinted moisturiser is a great option, combined with a good concealer, it can have you looking camera-ready on the big day. Opt for blushers and lipsticks in natural, flesh tones; creamy formulas tend to hold well, no matter the weather, and provide a more natural, dewy finish than powdered formulas.

Dark, smokey eyes are a classic bohemian look that appear striking, especially when contrasted with a white wedding dress. You can find many smokey eye makeup tutorials online to help you prepare your look for your wedding day.

One key thing that beauty bloggers shared was advice on ensuring that you don’t end up with the dreaded panda eyes, rather than a sultry smokey eye. Check out this advice from Rock My Wedding on avoiding panda eyes:

“When creating a smokey eye the last thing you want to end up with is panda eyes. There are several ways of preventing this (trial and error are the best ways to find your own technique!). One way to avoid the panda look is to create your smokey look before you apply your base. An alternative technique is to place a tissue under your eye to catch any eye-shadow that may fall off whilst you’re applying it.”

Embrace a bridal beauty routine that works for you

Boho bridal beauty is easy to obtain; don’t stress that you have to invest in bold lipsticks and elaborate skincare routines that just aren’t you. With a little prep, you can feel like yourself and look naturally beautiful on your wedding day.

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