How to choose your wedding colour scheme

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How do you choose your wedding colour scheme? There are lots of important things to consider; which season are you getting married in? Which colours flatter you, your groom, and your bridesmaids? What are your favourite shades? Which colours work with your venue? Read on for our exploration into these important factors.

Consider what flatters

When choosing your colour scheme, it’s a good idea to give some attention to your most flattering colour palette. While this is most important when considering your makeup, if you’re going for a colourful wedding dress, then take the time to consider which shades flatter you most. In addition, your bridesmaids will thank you if you pick a colour scheme that allows for bridesmaid dresses in shades that also flatter them.

Pick your favourites

One of the easiest ways to decide on your wedding colour scheme is to go for your favourite colours. Hopefully, you share a love of the same shade or you can work with your favourite shades in a flattering way.

However, it’s also important to consider whether your favourite colours will also flatter you and make you feel comfortable on the day. As Wedding Chaos explains: “Try not to go for any colours that do not reflect your personality however, if you never wear pastel shades in your everyday life then it is probably not a good idea to pick that scheme for your wedding day.”

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Think of your season

Your chosen wedding season can be a wonderful starting point for your wedding colour scheme. Each season comes with a varied and rich colour palette, and matching your colour scheme to the weather outside is a lovely way to celebrate your day.

Soft pastel shades, that reflect the seasonal blooms work well in the springtime. Autumn comes with warm, rustic shades such as burgundy, bronze, and copper. Winter is related to gorgeous bold shades, such as rich reds and pretty metallics. Summertime is a time to go bright and bold: yellow, coral, fuchsia, and sky blue, all delight in the summer months.

However, there are no set rules and you shouldn’t feel like you have to embrace the ‘standard’ seasonal colours of your chosen season.

Set your tone

Your wedding colours help add character to your day: bold, vibrant hues can heighten the sense of joy and depth of your day. In contrast, pastel colours can bring a sense of lightness and romance to your ceremony and celebrations. In comparison, going for metallics and jewel tones can enhance the feeling of celebration.  

The perfect colour scheme for you

There are many things that can give you inspiration for your wedding day colour scheme; your favourite shades, seasonal tones, and the hues of your venue, are all ideal starting points.

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