Key things to discuss before you tie the knot

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Many psychologists and relationship experts agree that there are some key things that couples should be sure to discuss before they get married. There are a number of important factors that can drastically impact your relationship as a married couple, and your future together. Read on for our exploration of the key things you need to consider and discuss before tying the knot.


Many relationship experts agree that a key thing you should discuss before getting married is finances. Research has shown that issues related to money are part of the key factors responsible for the breakup of couples, so it’s important that you lay your cards on the table in regards to where you both stand with finances before your wedding day.

For example, do you have any outstanding debts? This is an important thing to share with your partner, as it will affect how you both manage finances and the things that you will be able to afford. In contrast, how much money are you currently making? Do you have any assets? Different partners may very likely come from different backgrounds, and be in different financial situations. It’s important to discuss how you will share, spend, and save together, and whether or not one partner will contribute more to the relationship than the other.

Legal issues

Legal issues are another important area to explore with your partner, for example – does one of you plan to change their name after you are married? Have you researched the ins-and-outs of changing your name and what this will mean for you legally?

Another key thing to consider, is whether or not you wish to sign a prenuptial arrangement. Some couples consider a prenup a big no-no, while others think it is a pragmatic and important consideration of marriage.

In addition, A Practical Wedding explores some other key areas to consider before getting married:

  • Have either of you considered creating a prenuptial agreement? It can be a sensitive topic but now is the time to discuss.
  • Has either of you ever been arrested or involved in any legal, criminal or civil situations?
  • Do you have any open court cases?
  • How do you each plan to approach wills, and what you’ll pass on to your spouse (or someone else)?

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The issue of children may make-or-break your relationship. This is a very important thing to consider before you get married. If you both go into the marriage undecided or open-minded about the issue of children, this may be something that you can work out together in time. However, be aware that you may both change your minds, with one partner have a strong desire for children, while the other one does not wish to have any. If both of you have strong opinions before marriage, then this is an important thing to weigh up before your wedding day.

Physical and mental health issues

Many people suffer from physical health issues, or have genetic dispositions towards certain conditions. Are you confident in your ability to support your partner if they do get ill? If your partner is currently suffering from a physical illness, are you confident that you can support them emotionally and financially (if needs be)?

In addition, mental health issues are incredibly common – with 1 in 4 people suffering with a mental health issue in the UK (predominantly anxiety and depression). Are you knowledgeable about what someone suffering from a mental illness goes through? Do you understand the workings of depression and anxiety, or other mental health issues, their causes, and that these things are not a ‘choice’, or something that one can snap out of? Do you know how to support someone with a mental health issue? Consider these important things before your wedding day.

Key considerations

Your wedding is an exciting time, but it’s also one of the most important decisions of your life, and you want to make sure that both you and your partner are prepared for what the other desires and needs in their marriage. Make sure you discuss these important issues with your partner before your wedding day, and work on ways to come to an agreement on how you will plan and organise your future together.

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