Jetting off to paradise? Here are our top honeymoon packing tips

With Covid-19 restrictions now pretty much non-existent in the UK and rules continuing to relax around the globe, the best honeymoon destinations are now back on the menu. For those yet to book their honeymoon, Brides offers some great advice for finding a dream destination that works for you both:

“Betrothed lovers should define what a perfect honeymoon looks like for each person. What do you want most out of the trip: pampering, relaxation, adventure, cultural stimulation, or a mix of all these elements? How can you cater to both people’s needs? Roca suggests that you both write a bucket list alongside a list of where you’ve already been and then compare notes.”

For couples already ahead of the game, honeymoon prep doesn’t end there. You’ll need to pack like a pro to enjoy all the best of your chosen honeymoon destination. That’s where our honeymoon packing tips come in!

Research your destination thoroughly

No one wants to be weighed down by excess luggage, yet overpacking is one mistake many honeymooning couples make. By researching your destination thoroughly, and the season you’re travelling in, you can pack consciously to cater to your needs. Your itinerary will also influence what you wear from day to day.

Fill your suitcase with multi-purpose items that can be used day or night and across a variety of activities/excursions to keep your luggage as light as possible and the journey just as carefree.

During your research, you should also make sure you know the rules of your destination. Every country’s customs, airline weight limits and safety procedures differ so get clued up long before you depart.

Make a list of everything you need

You may have had enough of lists after delving deeper into the wedding planning process, but preparing a honeymoon packing list will ensure nothing you want or need is left behind. There are many sample honeymoon packing lists available online, with some even providing checklists that are specific to certain destination types.

Keep the essentials at hand

Lost luggage happens, especially when travelling to far-flung locations that are popular picks amongst honeymooners. Avoid falling victim to this worst-case scenario by packing a few essential outfits and items in your hand luggage.

Along with one or two changes of clothes, make sure you have your passport, paper copies of your travel documentation (even if they’re available digitally), cash and cards, prescription medication, mini toiletries, and chargers in your carry-on luggage too.

Prepare for a pleasant trip

If you’ve picked a traditionally tropical destination to ring in those initial weeks as newlyweds, you’ve got a long journey ahead of you.

Make the trip to and from your destination comfortable by packing a few supplies to keep you and your spouse occupied. A simple deck of playing cards, your favourite electronics, ear plugs, neck pillow and eye mask will all prove helpful on that long-haul flight.

Organise your luggage wisely

It’s not just what you pack that matters. How you pack will make life easier for you on the road and once you arrive at your destination. Invest in a sturdy suitcase that is lockable and can be wheeled around easily. Instead of folding your clothing, roll outfits to save space.

Packing cubes are great investments for those looking to stay extra organised. Those venturing to cooler destinations should pack bulkier items in vacuum bags to make the most of every inch of suitcase space.

Still deciding where to honeymoon? Read our honeymoon planning guide for further advice. If you’re staying on home turf to honeymoon, you’ll want to explore the UK’s most romantic places to visit as newlyweds.

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