How to look after your engagement ring

Your engagement ring is going to be one of the most important and expensive pieces of jewellery you will ever own.

The sentimental value of your ring, will make it priceless to you. If you look after your engagement ring properly, it will stay sparkly and shiny for many years to come.

Insure your Ring

It is important to take out an insurance policy for your ring against theft and damage. You can take a policy out with your jeweller or home insurance provider.

Cleaning your Engagement Ring

You will be wearing your engagement ring a lot, so it will naturally get a build-up of dirt or oil, this is why it is important to clean your ring regularly. You can do this yourself or take it to a jeweller to be cleaned professionally.

If you are cleaning your ring yourself, it is recommended by jewellery experts that you do this every few weeks. Cleaning your ring on a regular basis will keep the diamonds and the metal bright and sparkling.

If your engagement ring has diamonds, one of the best ways to bring back their sparkle is vodka. It doesn’t have to be an expensive brand of vodka, any will do. Simply pop your ring into a glass of vodka for thirty minutes. When the time is up, run your engagement ring under a warm tap and dry it with a lint free cloth.

Alternatively, soak your ring in a bowl of warm soapy water for half an hour. Make sure you use mild detergent; this will be enough to break down dirt. After soaking, rinse in clean warm water, use a soft baby’s toothbrush to gently clean the stones, then dry with a lint free cloth. Never use tissue to dry your ring as it can leave dust and fibres.

When to Remove your Ring

Always try to remember to remove your engagement before bathing, swimming, cleaning or washing up, and remove before applying hand cream.

Lorna Haddon, diamonds and jewellery expert at Beaverbrooks, told You and Your Wedding, “Great for your hands, but not so great for your diamonds, creams and lotions can dull the sparkle of a diamond over time. Make sure you remove your ring before applying hand creams or lotions to keep it looking perfect for years to come.”

Storing your Ring

When you need to remove your engagement ring, store it in a box and put it in a memorable place, or put it in a safe if you have one. Don’t leave it on a shelf or anywhere it could fall off and get lost.

When storing your diamond ring, keep it away from other jewellery. Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, so if left with other jewellery, it could scratch and damage other gems in the box.

If you are storing it with your other jewellery, wrap your diamond engagement ring in a soft cloth or an individual jewellery pouch, this will not only protect your ring, but also your other jewellery.

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