The MEGXIT effect – how to navigate pushy parents

This week, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dramatically quit the Royal Family to start new lives in Canada. It could be argued that, on their wedding day, Markle got the ultimate pushy parents when she married into ‘The Firm’. In order to escape the control of their family, they’ve had to up sticks and move half-way around the world.

If you’re currently planning a wedding of your own, you’ll know just how difficult navigating pushy parents can be. As @easyweddings say, “Wedding planning can drive even the most reasonable person a little loco at times. When it’s your BFF, it’s easy to pull them back into line. But when it is your future mother-in-law or even your own mother who is playing up, things can get a bit tricky.” To help you find a safe path through this minefield, and avoid the need for any future relocations, we’ve put together our top tips for keeping your parents – and in-laws – at bay.

Start as you mean to go on

It’s a lot easier to keep pushy parents in check if you lay down ground rules at the start of the planning process. If you let your mum, or your mother in law, get heavily involved at the beginning it’ll be a lot harder, and a lot more upsetting, to ask them to step back later on. Sit your parents down and tell them that, though you love them and value their ideas, this is your day and you want to be in control. Tell them you’ll ask for their advice if you need it, but, until that point, the decisions are all up to you.

Who’s paying?

If your parents are paying for the entire wedding, you may need to be a little more accommodating. However, it’s still important to make it clear that, while you appreciate their generosity and their input, this is still your day. Before talking to your parents about plans for your wedding, decide which elements you’ll compromise on and which aren’t up for a discussion.

A lot of the time, parents will insist on certain friends or relatives being included on the guest list. To help diffuse this situation, and ensure everyone is happy, why not give your parents a small number of invites to distribute as they wish? That way, they’ll feel involved and you can ensure the majority of the guest list is up to you.

Give them a role

It’s often easier to give parents a limited role rather than cut them out of the wedding planning altogether. Ask your mother in law to organise the flowers, put your dad in charge of the transportation or invite your mum to help you test the menu. This should help them feel involved but prevent them from taking over completely.

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