How to make your honeymoon extra romantic

Beach sunset

Your honeymoon is one of the most romantic trips that you will ever take with your partner; here’s how to bring an extra element of romance and charm to your honeymoon.

Capture your memories

Be sure to capture all of your adventures and romantic moments on film, so that you can enjoy looking back at your honeymoon in your years to come.

Plan Your Perfect Wedding notes the importance of ensuring you take as many photos as you can during your honeymoon: “Take as many photos as you can. You don’t want to be disappointed when you get home and realise you didn’t record many memories. So snap away and put a lovely album together when you get home.”

You could also create a romantic time capsule, where you store mementos from your trip. Seashells, the cork from a champagne bottle, or a gift from a museum gift shop; savour all your favourite memories of your honeymoon by storing these meaningful moments in a time capsule. Your capsule could later be opened on a wedding anniversary.

Plan a romantic meal

Whether your ideal romantic meal is a candlelit dinner at a classy restaurant, or a picnic in the mountains, consider how you and your loved one most enjoy dining and then schedule some romantic meals for your honeymoon. If you know what your partner would enjoy the most, why not plan them a surprise meal? A romantic meal can also give you a wonderful opportunity to take in the scenery, pack your partner’s favourite foods into a picnic hamper and take them to the beautiful beach front or natural beauty spot near to your hotel.

Catch the sunset

Snuggled under a blanket, or relaxing together on the beach, catching a sunset should make your list of romantic honeymoon activities. Taking the time to watch the sunset will allow you to soak up the beauty of your chosen honeymoon destination and will help you to savour your time together.

Table laid ready for a romantic meal

Head to the spa together

Hot massages and sauna rooms: the spa makes for a wonderful, relaxing day trip for two. Most popular honeymoon and holiday destinations will have a spa within easy travel distance.

The Huffington Post shares some of the enjoyable activities and services that many spas have on offer: “It’s common now for top spas to offer incredible amenities like romantic suites for two, food and wine tastings, whirlpools and hot springs, and thatched-roof beachside accommodations.”

Surprise gifts

Surprising your partner with gifts, like a piece of jewellery from a local market stall, will add even more of a romantic feel to your honeymoon. Homemade gifts, such as a romantic letter or a collage of photos from your relationship, will feel even more thoughtful.

Making your honeymoon memorable

It’s great to go out of your way to make the holiday even more memorable. Whether you plan surprise meals, or decide to soak up the beauty of the sunset, there are a variety of the ways that you can savour the romance of your trip.

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