Incorporate tech into your wedding — to help record and remember

Having all your friends and family in one place, and finally saying ‘I do’ to your one true love, can be an overwhelming experience for many couples. As a result, a lot of people feel like the day goes past in a blur. They might not really remember walking down the aisle, saying their vows or even chatting to guests. The parts of the day they do recall will probably be a bit hazy. 

The best way to ensure you don’t forget a single second of your big day is to record as much detail as possible. From the ceremony to the speeches and the dancing to the goodbyes, using tech to record and remember your wedding will ensure you can treasure the memories forever. 


While photographs make fantastic keepsakes, there’s nothing quite like a video when it comes to jogging memories. Using point-of-view cameras, like GoPros, to capture the most important moments of the day will allow you to look back at key moments of your wedding for years to come. As @mashable suggests, “GoPros aren’t just for extreme sports. More brides are tucking action cams into their bouquets — or hiding them in the Maid of Honor’s flowers — to film from a point of view that wouldn’t otherwise be captured.”


Drones can be used to great effect to record your wedding day. Fly a drone up to get a bird’s eye view of your venue and to get unforgettable group photos of your guests. You could even have the drone follow you as you arrive at the venue or film you from above as you walk down the aisle. Your venue will require that the drone is piloted by a licenced operator, both indoors and out.

Virtual reality video

Some specialist videographers are now giving couples the chance to create virtual reality experiences of their big day. Having a virtual reality video will allow you and your partner to become fully immersed in your venue, and be surrounded by friends and family, any time you want. As not all videographers will offer this service, you’ll need to find a specialist if it’s top of your wish list.

GIF booths

If you’re thinking about having a photo booth at your wedding, you could up the tech factor, and make your memories unique, by opting for a GIF booth instead. These booths take a spurt of photos and then link them together to create your very own GIF. Your guests will love playing around in the booth and you’ll be able to email them their GIFs as a souvenir of the day.

Using the latest technological innovations to capture your wedding day can help to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Find out more, and get more ideas for planning the perfect wedding, by taking a look around today.


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