Top tips for cleaning your wedding dress after your big day

Many brides dream of the dress they’ll wear on their big day for years and years before they walk down the aisle. When it comes to planning a wedding, most women will spend weeks hunting for the perfect gown, trying on countless outfits before they find their dream dress. However, very few women put any thought at all into what they’ll do with their dress when the day is done and dusted. To help ensure your gown stays in pristine condition for years to come, we’re taking a look at some top tips for cleaning and storing the most important outfit you’ll ever wear.

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Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to preserving the immaculate nature of your wedding dress, prevention is definitely better than cure. Although it may be easier said than done, try to avoid spilling any food or drink on the dress during your reception. Things like oil, chocolate and red wine can be particularly difficult to remove, so play it safe and go for clear drinks and oil-free foods instead.

If your wedding is outdoors, keeping the hem of your dress clean can be a real challenge. Ask your bridesmaids to help lift your gown whenever you’re walking over muddy patches of ground and try to stick to mud-free paths wherever possible.

Get it to the dry cleaners ASAP

As soon as your wedding is over, pack up your dress and get it to a good quality dry cleaners. As @sprucemagazine says:

“Whether your wedding was indoors or outdoors, it’s likely that your gown will get some wear and tear. Sweat, makeup, dirt and smudges could cover your dress. The best plan of attack is to get your dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible.”

Professional cleaners should be able to remove virtually all stains and marks from the fabric, leaving your dress looking as good as new. If you’re jetting off on your honeymoon straight after your wedding, make sure you nominate a trusted friend or relative to take the dress to the cleaners for you.

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Storing your dress

If you’re like most brides, you’ll probably want to store your wedding dress for years to come. The best way to preserve the fabric is to keep the dress in a cool dry place away from natural light, humidity and extreme temperatures. Before packing your dress away, wrap it in acid-free tissue paper to prevent damage and discolouration. For best results, keep your wedding dress in a storage box that’s been specifically designed to protect delicate fabric from harmful conditions.

Putting a little time, effort and thought into cleaning and storing your wedding dress can help to ensure the gown is perfectly preserved for years to come. Find out more about planning every aspect of your wedding day by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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