Which wedding dress suits my body shape?

@CosmopolitanUKsays that, ‘A wedding dress with helium balloons looks to be a trend for 2019, because why not?’Knowing that this is a trend worth watching is certainly interesting, but it doesn’t help you with answering that tough question: What wedding dress shape suits me? We know that it can be really tricky choosing your wedding dress, but we also know that knowing how to dress for your silhouette makes this vital decision so much easier!

When you’re deciding on your wedding dress, the first thing you have to consider isn’t actually what type of dress suits your body, it’s the mood or tone of your wedding and whether or not your wedding is formal or casual as well as the practicalities of the time of year you will be marrying. Once you know what your Big Day is going to look like, then it’s time to jump into the wonderful world of wedding dresses!

Primarily, you want a dress that is flattering for your body shape, highlights your best assets and conceals anything you don’t want on show, but how do you know what that is? Wedding dresses are nothing like the clothes we wear on an everyday basis. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a handy guide to identifying what shape of dress will make you feel like a goddess on the day you tie the knot.

1. If you’re hourglass or pear-shaped

An A-Line wedding dress that flares out from your petite waist down to the floor will highlight the smallest part of your body, enveloping your hips and thighs in fabric. Thick fabrics like duchesse satin or taffeta will glide over any areas you don’t want to bring attention to. An A-line wedding dress works well made out of a wide range of fabrics, so no matter the tone of your wedding or the time of year, you’ll be able to find the perfect A-line dress for your day.

2. If you’re busty

Larger-chested ladies might be torn between wanting to highlight their assets or being a little more modest on their Big Day, particularly when having a church wedding. Scooped necklines will raise your guests’ gaze to your face by highlighting your décolletage rather than your cleavage. Avoid strapless dresses that cut across your bust in a straight line as these have a tendency to make your bosom look larger than it is and sometimes oddly shaped too. To avoid uno-boob, choose a sweetheart neckline or a strapless dress with a split in the neckline.

3. If you’re plus-size

Empire dresses (where the skirt falls from right below your bust line) are perfect for so many different body types as they fall softly to the floor.This smoothes and elongates your body, making you look statuesque, especially when paired with some killer heels. A word of warning though – pleated fabric is best avoided as it can cling to areas you might be trying to conceal. As with A-Line wedding gowns, empire dresses can be made out of a huge variety of fabric, so there’s bound to be something for you however your Big Day will look.

4. If you’re apple-shaped

Apples carry all of their weight around their middles and can have a very large bosom, so again the A-line dress comes to the rescue by pulling you in at the waist to create the illusion of feminine curves. An A-Line dress with a V neckline will lengthen your torso, giving you extra height.

5. If you’re tall

Tall brides look fabulous in all sorts of dresses, but have you considered showing off your lovely long legs by wearing a wedding dress with a thigh-high split up the side?

6. If you’re athletic with a straight up and down shape

When it comes to wedding dresses, it’s easier to look curvy than you might think! A sheath dress made out of a fabric like charmeuse, which is light and floaty, and which has been cleverly cut on the bias will help to create the illusion of curves.

7. If you’re petite

If you are keen to add inches to your height on your wedding day, particularly if your groom is much taller than you, then a wedding dress that makes you look taller than you are is the answer. Airy sheaths and structured trumpet styles with high heels will help you stand tall on your Big Day.

8. If you’re small-chested

Yes, you can cheat with some chicken fillets in your bra, but it doesn’t exactly spell romance when it comes to taking to your matrimonial bed if you have to peel sweaty rubber off your chest first! A ruched bodice or even a cowl neck wedding dress will add depth to your bosom, creating the illusion of extra curves. And if you’re still worried about your bosom, then you could always have extra padding sewn into the bust of your dress to pad out your natural assets. Much nicer than chicken fillets!

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