You said “yes”, now what next?

You’ve no doubt dreamed of choosing your wedding gown – you may even know exactly what style you want to try on first, whether you want to go for a long or short-sleeved wedding dress, or if a trendy or timeless number would be the best fit for you – but right after engagement isn’t the time to shop for wedding dresses!

Here’s what you should be doing after you’ve said “yes”, and contrary to popular belief, there shouldn’t be a wedding plan in sight…

Capture the moment

Whether you’re camera shy or love the limelight, documenting the moment straight after engagement is one thing every bride and groom recommends.

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in any relationship, and one where you’ll be ecstatically happy, so be sure to capture the moment.

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to do this (although many proposals can be captured perfectly this way), a simple selfie with your new fiancé and your new ring is a beautiful way to grab a snapshot of this very special time.

For a picture-perfect moment, delay taking a snap of your sparkler and read our guide to prepping for your just engaged ring selfie here.

Spread the word

Now it’s time to share your ‘in the moment’ just engaged selfie or polished picture, but remember it’s important to abide by some etiquette when doing so.

Telling those special people in your life first, either over the phone or in person, is a must before sharing it with absolutely everyone you know via social media.

Taking some time to yourselves to process the amazing news is also recommended. Getting engaged is a great time to hit pause and enjoy some quality time together as a couple.

When the time comes to spread the word about your engagement on social media, it’s all about quality rather than quantity as WeddingWire details:

“Keep your announcement limited to one or two really great photos, rather than a week-long spamfest.

Strategically, people respond more positively to one carefully crafted photo over a photo album anyway, and socially, it’s more graceful to share the news humbly with one pic rather than blasting every follower’s news feeds with variations of the same pic.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have multiple photos of your big moment—just save ‘em for an email thread with your fam and besties.”

Get your ring sized

You may not want to take your engagement ring off but ensuring a good fit is of the utmost importance.

An ill-fitting ring is not only uncomfortable, it’s more susceptible to damage and loss. Saying “goodbye” to your ring for a few days to have it sized, means a lifetime of comfortable wear, so get it done right away.

Not sure whether your engagement ring needs a little tweak? Here’s four signs that you need to have your engagement ring resized to help you along.

Take out insurance

Getting engaged is an exciting, romantic time but taking the time to tackle the boring stuff will certainly be beneficial.

Don’t overlook engagement ring insurance, particularly if the single item claim limit on your home insurance is capped and/or your engagement ring is worth more than this limit.

Engagement ring insurance means that this treasured item is protected, so if it’s damaged, lost or stolen, you’ll have access to the funds to find a worthy replacement.


You just got engaged, is there any better reason to celebrate? Whether you choose to mark the occasion with a virtual engagement party or want to keep celebrations low key by spending some quality time together as a couple, enjoy every second!

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