5 unforgettable colour schemes for summer weddings

Unforgettable colour schemes for weddings

Summer is inspiring in so many ways. Yes, there’s a reason why wedding season so wonderfully aligns with the warmer months, with the beauty of summer the catalyst of countless trends, including those that influence what you wear on your big day. Summer wedding fashion aside, the season offers lots of inspiration for your colour scheme.

Here we share the most unforgettable colour schemes for summer weddings and explain why they should play starring roles in your upcoming nuptials.

Golden sunsets

Muted pink is one of those wedding shades that never fall out of favour. When combined with orange, however, this popular and, dare we say, overused colour is given a whole new lease of life.

Using those golden summertime sunrises and sunsets as inspiration, this stunning colour combination provides a beautiful baseline for your big day. The romantic hue of this muted colour scheme can be further enhanced by throwing metallics (such as gold, bronze and even copper) and neutrals (like cream and ivory) into the mix.

Pretty pastels

We’re huge fans of pastels, whatever the season, with our favourite, seasonally inspired bridesmaid dresses made even more mesmerising in these soothing shades. When calling on pastels to set the stage for your summer wedding, go back to basics. Again, use neutrals to accent your choice of pastel colours for maximum impact.

Beachside brights

Nothing says summer like bright colours, and when the warmer weather appears, you really can be as playful as you like with those vibrant shades.

With the new Barbie movie influencing colour trends throughout the fashion world, and bright and beautiful ‘Barbiecore’ weddings proving popular as a result, planning your own colourful, fun celebration has never been simpler.

For couples not wanting to go the whole hog with a Barbie-inspired scheme, mixing bold colours like green, pink, orange and red to infuse a tropical vibe is a fitting, on-trend alternative.

The ombré effect

Why choose one shade, when you can go ombré!? Ombré décor is becoming more and more popular, with the appeal of adding a creative mix of colours at varying gradients and exciting couples with all wedding styles and budgets.

Even flowers are going ombré too and, as Deer Pearl Flowers explains, they’re a fabulous way to add colour to your wedding ceremony:

“These blooms are bright and striking in their own right, but they also lend themselves well to creating a focal point—whether it’s on the aisle runner or in a bouquet. If you want something more subtle, try adding them in the background of your photos while keeping them muted by using neutrals like white or ivory as well as pastels like pale pink.”

Something blue

You don’t have to include every colour of the rainbow to keep your summer wedding looking trendy. Selecting one shade in particular, and adding subtle pops of it throughout your ceremony and reception space will ensure a bright, beautiful colour palette that’s refreshing and summery.

Blue is the ideal candidate for a multi-tonal colour scheme, with azure, turquoise, midnight blue, indigo, sky blue, cyan and teal just some of the different shades that will add depth and interest to your wedding scene. 

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