Which wedding flowers are in season during winter?

Which wedding flowers are in season during winter?

Whether you’re looking to cement your wedding colour scheme or create a bouquet that reflects the season, your choice of flowers will make a very, very big difference.

Going local and seasonal with your wedding flowers is a great step in the right direction for so many reasons. You’ll be supporting your local economy, paying far less for your chosen blooms, and enjoying the most unforgettable varieties when they’re at their most beautiful. Choosing to shop seasonally is great for the planet too as FloralSmith explains:

“Many of the most popular flowers (think rose, carnation, lilies) are the ones that take their toll on the ground, water, and people growing them. Not to mention the carbon footprint left when shipping all over the world. Buying local, in-season flowers means that you’re helping reduce the carbon footprint on our earth and ensuring that you’re not adding to a more significant problem in other countries.”

Every time of the year has in-season flowers to enjoy, and the winter months provide more floral inspiration than you might think. Read on to discover the best flowers this magical season has to offer…


The beautiful orchid sits at the centre of many show-stopping bouquets for brides and bridesmaids. It has the structure, elegance and versatility to do any wedding scheme justice, and it’s available in the widest choice of colours, sizes and styles.

Many varieties, including phalaenopsis orchids and cymbidium orchids, are in season during the winter months, making them the perfect picks for your wedding day.


With a hellebore variety even called ‘Wedding Bells’, this in-season flower is made for winter wedding bouquets, centrepieces and other arrangements. Despite being completely unrelated to the rose family, hellebores are also known as ‘Christmas roses’, which is particularly fitting for the season.

Hellebores are at their best from late winter to early spring, and can add delightful pops of colour to your wedding scheme as well as plenty of interest and texture.

Winter camellias

This evergreen shrub really comes into its own during winter, with camellias producing the most beautiful blooms when the weather gets colder. Available in classic white, subtle shades and more vibrant colours, winter blooming camellias can add charm and elegance to any winter wedding floral display.


During late winter, lilacs come back into bloom, with their ultra-fragrant, edible single and double flowers available in every shade of purple, pink and white, and delivering a feast for all the senses. Their bushy nature makes them perfect fillers as well as standout stars in their own right. Lilacs also symbolise love, making them fitting additions to your wedding day.


As a plant synonymous with Christmas, the Poinsettia is a bright, beautiful, leafy variety that’s commonly given as a gift at this time of year. They’re rather underrated too, with festive and jewel-toned themes and schemes among the styles complemented by this vibrant floral choice.

The flowers mentioned above are just a snippet of the varieties that are in season during the winter months. Muscari, aranthera, acacia, hyacinths, chrysanthemums, tulips, sunflowers, anemone, banksia, bottlebrush, calla lilies, roses, lisianthus, protea and narcissus are more seasonal blooms that could just provide the perfect inspiration for your winter wedding day.

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