Inspired by the season: flowers made for autumn bouquets

Buying flowers that are grown in Britain is one thing we regularly endorse. In addition to hiring a quintessentially British wedding venue like ours, choosing local suppliers to assist you in the run-up to your special day also has its perks. Choosing the right blooms is also another must when planning your wedding.

As well as supporting local industry, buying flowers that are grown in the UK and in-season will help your floral displays last much longer. You’ll also benefit from using flowers at their blooming best, which means a beautiful scent and stunning appearance that will add to any space.

Autumn offers lots of in-season flowers that are ripe for picking and even better for arranging. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the cut flower varieties that are made for autumn bouquets.


The delightful dahlia is a real showstopper, and it’s in season every October. Dahlias are accessible in a plethora of spectacular shades, which makes finding the right tone to suit your wider wedding theme super simple. Their intricate heads are beautiful to look at and are certain to capture the gaze of your new spouse and admiring guests.

Dahlias may originate from Mexico, but they’re popular features in British gardens up and down the country. The dahlia also carries symbolism that is particularly poignant for marrying couples as Flower Meaning details:

“The Victorians used the Dahlia to signify a lasting bond and commitment between two people, but modern flower lovers can also buy a potted plant as a celebration of joining a new religion or trying a new healthy habit. Dahlia is often considered a birth flower for August, but some traditions use it as a November birth flower instead.”


It’s not just your feature flower that should be in-season and British-grown, the ferns used to fill your bouquet require the same consideration. During October, there’s an abundance of ridolfia, or corn parsley, available and it’s perfect for flower arranging.

Its plateau flowers emerge in charming clusters to bring a bright and beautiful golden hue to bolder bouquet designs.


During November, you’ll discover a daisy-like delight that’s fresh and truly unforgettable. Cosmos flowers are available in a huge selection of colours, with varieties ranging from the texture-rich, semi-double flowers to the large, open blooms that this plant type is traditionally known and loved for.

The best autumn bouquets use both of these varieties in one or two shades to ensure a winning combination that wows at any wedding.

Winter heather

As we enter December, more stunning seasonal varieties can be incorporated into your bouquet. Winter berries such as holly and hawthorn, magnolia, laurel, myrtle, winter flowering honeysuckle, and viburnum produce the best cut foliage at this time of year as well as some interesting and creative autumn displays.

Winter heather is another seasonal plant that can be used to create magnificent bouquets and floral arrangements. Traditionally used as a filler plant, autumn and winter brides are using fresh and dried heather all on its own to ensure a rustic, colourful display that’s a little out of the ordinary but just as beautiful to behold.

Discover more advice for adding a hint of autumn to your wedding day right here.


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