Creative country style drink ideas for your wedding

A fruit cocktail drink

The drinks your guests receive at your wedding venue will set the tone for the day. Bright, colourful and original cocktails will get everyone excited about what else might be coming, while carefully chosen ingredients can help to complement your theme and your style.

A Practical Wedding says, “like everything else about your wedding, the drinks you serve should be things you like, but they don’t need to symbolize you or your relationship”. So why not have a bit of fun with your welcome drinks and give your guests something to smile about?

Edible flowers

Edible flowers are a huge trend in cooking right now, so why not incorporate them into your drinks menu and bring your country wedding right up to date? As well as adding an interesting twist to your welcome cocktails, these tasty blooms will help to accentuate your country theme and give your guests something original to enjoy.

Pansies, lavender, lemon verbena, hibiscus, jasmine and violets all have distinctive and delicious flavours and will add colour and interest to your country house cocktail table.

Locally made cordials

Most country wedding venues in the UK will have a farmers’ market or farm shop in the nearby area. At these treasure-troves of local treats, you’re guaranteed to find cordials made from elderflower, lime, rosehip and even rhubarb. Ask your venue to add a few splashes to your welcome cocktails, or serve it with iced water, it gives your drinks a local flavour and a great country twist.

Summer fruits

If your country wedding is taking place during the summer months, take advantage of the fantastic range of fruits available by mixing them into your cocktails. Strawberries and raspberries are great in daiquiris and will add colour and flavour to your day.

Cocktails being served at a wedding

Local booze

You can find locally made alcoholic beverages in many regions of the UK, so why not show a bit of appreciation for your surroundings and include a local tipple in your welcome cocktail? If you’re in Scotland or Ireland you could use whiskey, in southern England you can indulge in a little sparkling white wine, the West Country is great for home made ciders and the rest of the UK is blessed with fantastic gin. Ask your venue to organise this for you.

Custom made cocktails

If you really love cocktails, or want to treat your guests to something really special, you could ask your venue to prepare custom-made cocktails for all your guests. As freshly made drinks take time to prepare, this works best at small weddings or at events where other drinks are also on offer.

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