Creating a fairytale ball

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With the ceremony done and dusted, now it’s time to let your hair down and let the celebration begin. There are a variety of themes to choose from when thinking about your wedding reception, but there’s a classic theme that will never go out of fashion and will always appeal to bride, groom and guests alike. We are talking about a fairytale ball, a sure winner.

There is no grander location to have such a ball, literally and figuratively, than the majestic ballroom at Clearwell Castle. This Victorian mansion, built in the style of a Medieval Gothic palace, has all the right design features and style embellishments to fashion a ball worthy of royalty. Set within the ancient Forest of Dean, Clearwell is regarded as one of the finest wedding venues in the county of Gloucestershire, characterised by a fantasy style charm. The Ballroom at Clearwell has ample room for you to bring to life your ball, and is able to seat up to 150 people.

An all-time favourite theme for a ball is the masquerade. It’s your opportunity to bring a bit of Venice Carnival grandeur to your big day. The masquerade ball is so popular with Venetians, that it is a very well-documented source of inspiration – so don’t hesitate to delve deep into your favourite travel books and find some elements you really love! Piecing these elements together will bring a bit of sparkle to the occasion. Glitzy Secrets has a fine selection of ideas to choose from, as described in this link: “A masquerade ball is the ultimate statement for a wedding theme – it’s glamorous, it’s dramatic and seriously theatrical. One of the best things about a masquerade ball wedding is that you can choose any colour scheme you want! I love the idea of rich colours – glitzy gold, royal purple and plush turquoise will create a luxurious wedding style.”

With this display of beauty and excitement, a masquerade ball is indeed the most evocative theme for a celebratory dance, and it is sure to create a buzz with everyone attending. Just imagine you and your husband twirling in an evening gown to a Tchaikovsky symphony, under the elaborate Gothic ceiling.

Glasses stood upside down

Styling for the masquerade

Lavish jewels and a good dose of chiffon and silk are a must for the masquerade. A refined assemblage of diamonds, pearls and gemstones is a sublime way to style your outfit. As a traditional masquerade ball is madcap and colourful, it’s good to keep accessories a bit more orderly, to counter the rainbow of colours that will inevitably transform the ballroom into a magnificent, decadent party.

Writing in The Knot, Tamara Gruner gives some helpful hints on not overdoing the accessories, although writing specifically about the wedding day. Her words of advice work just as well for the wedding reception, given that a bride needs to remember not to be overshadowed by her jewelery pre and or post wedding – “It’s tempting to load up on baubles and bling, but you don’t want all those precious metals to outshine you on the big day. Follow these four simple steps and you’ll look like royalty without looking like you’ve raided the queen’s closet.”

So, with location, decor and style ideas, you are now set to unleash some masquerade magic. With this theme, you can go crazy in the most gorgeous way possible, bringing some Italian flare, peppered with Victorian opulence and general glitter-laden finesse.

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