Most important things the father of the bride should do on his daughter’s wedding

Bride with her father

One of the most important roles in any wedding, the father of the bride is an integral part of the wedding party. If your daughter is about to get hitched, here’s our guide to the essential jobs you need to take care of on the big day.

Tell the bride how beautiful she looks

When you first see your daughter in her wedding dress, it’s important you tell her how beautiful she looks. The chances are, you’ll be choking back the tears, but try to get control of your emotions just long enough to reassure your daughter she’s looking spectacular.

Escort the bride to the venue

One of the most important things the father of the bride is responsible for is getting his daughter to the ceremony on time. If you’re in charge of organising the cars, make sure you check on them at least once during the wedding prep to ensure they’re en route and on time. You may then need to hurry the bride up a little to prevent a late arrival at the venue.

Walk the bride down the aisle

An emotional moment in any man’s life, walking your daughter down the aisle to her waiting groom is going to be one of the most memorable parts of the wedding. All eyes will be on the bride at this point, so it’s your job to make sure you don’t walk too quickly, you don’t trip over and that you arrive in style.

A wedding aisle

Make a tear-jerking speech

Whether you’re a confident public speaker or not, your toast will be keenly anticipated by the assembled guests – so it’s important you get it spot on. However, this is easily done with a few simple thanks and comments. Firstly, as the bride’s parents are traditionally the hosts of the event, you’ll need to thank the guests for coming. You can then move on to a few heartfelt stories about your daughter, focusing on her many wonderful qualities and the joy she’s brought to your life.

Enjoy a dance with the bride

Now that most of your work is done, it’s time to have some fun! Once the bride and groom have had their first dance, you can step in and enjoy a whirl on the dance floor with your newly married daughter. A truly wonderful moment, this dance will help you to say goodbye to your little girl and hello to your newly hitched, grown-up child.

Help the guests head home

As Brides Magazine explains, “Usually, the bride and groom are still dancing the night away when the older family members head out. Help your newly-married kids and say goodbyes for them so they’re not obligated to give up their last hour of fun”. You should also make sure all of the newly weds’ presents are collected, any outstanding bills are paid, and that all of the admin is taken care of at the end of the night.

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