How to find the perfect veil for you

There is no bridal accessory more quintessential than the bridal veil. A veil will bring a classic look to any bridal style and is a uniquely important choice for a bride on her wedding day. However, with the many styles of bridal veil out there to choose from, how do you go about selecting the right one for you? In this post, we’ve come up with some pointers to help you find the most suitable veil for you.

Pick a veil that flatters you

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Longer veils, such as chapel, ballet and cathedral style, tend to be flattering on everyone and add a traditional element to your wedding look. Shorter veil styles, such as the birdcage veil, suit women with shorter hair and are a great choice if you are looking to highlight your cheekbones and show off a pretty, well-defined face shape.

Pick a veil that matches your bridal style

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When shopping for your veil, you need to consider how it will look with your dress. Certain styles of veil will look better with different kinds of dress. If you are going for a classic wedding dress, then opt for a traditional style. In contrast, a birdcage veil will complement a retro bridal look.

Trying veils with your wedding dress is a good idea in order to see how they work with your dress. A veil shouldn’t overwhelm or distract from your dress, but work in harmony with your overall appearance.

Go for a complementary hue

As The Knot note, your wedding day look should only shop for veils in complementary shades:

“Color blocking is best left to your day-to-day look. When it comes to your wedding, you should aim to match the color of the veil to your wedding gown. And since photos may not accurately portray the correct color, be sure to bring a swatch of fabric from your dress when you go veil shopping. The one exception to this rule? Antique veils. You shouldn’t try dying an antique veil. As long as the colors are close enough don’t worry if they’re not a 100 percent match—the appeal of an heirloom style is in its uniqueness, so it won’t matter if it’s slightly off in color.”

Consider your hairstyle

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Blush and birdcage veils work best with up-dos. The intricacy of a well-styled up-do will also lend itself well to tulle or cascading veils. On the other hand, if you’re wearing your hair down you should stick with longer veils. Additionally, a relaxed hairstyle meshes beautifully with an embellished veil.

Finding the right veil for you

A bridal veil is a beautiful bridal accessory and many brides choose to wear this special accessory on their day. When shopping for yours, be sure to keep your dress in mind, go for a veil in a complementary colour and be sure to find one that flatters your face and desired wedding-day hairstyle.

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