Four Weddings and a Funeral to be made into American TV series – remembering the hit film

A staple of the girls’ night in and an iconic piece of 90s British cinema, Four Weddings and a Funeral is one of the most popular romcoms of all time. In fact, interest in the movie has remained so high over the years that an American production company has decided to revive the characters and the concept to create a brand new comedy series.

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As @denofgeek explains:

“The general proposal (sorry) is that the TV version will be an anthology series following a group of pals whose lives intersect through four weddings and, yes, a funeral.”

Written and produced by Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton, the series is set to hit the Hulu streaming service sometime next year. To celebrate the return of this much loved classic, we thought we’d take a few minutes to look back at everyone’s favourite wedding movie.

Wedding one: Angus and Laura

The wedding of Angus and Laura introduces almost all of the film’s main characters and gives us a hint of the movie that is to come. Hero of the film and perennial bachelor Charles (Hugh Grant) is the best man at the nuptials. It is also here that he meets his American love interest Carrie (Andie MacDowell). After spending the night with Charles, Carrie returns to the US, leaving him alone once more.

Wedding two: Bernard and Lydia

The second wedding is a marriage between two characters that became romantically involved at the first wedding. Carrie is again in attendance. However, this time she’s accompanied by her new wealthy fiancée. After enduring a wedding breakfast seated at a table with a number of ex-girlfriends, Charles tries to make his escape. Later, he bumps into Carrie and they spend the night together once again.

Wedding three: Carrie and Hamish

Despite her budding romance with Charles, Carrie decides to marry Hamish and the third wedding follows the events of their big day. Unfortunately, Charles’ friend Gareth suffers a heart attack during the groom’s toast. He dies after being taken to a separate room.

The funeral

Gareth’s funeral offers the friends the perfect opportunity to ponder the meanings of life and love. Gareth’s partner Matthew reads a poem to commemorate the relationship between the two.

Wedding four: Charles and Henrietta

After failing to find love with Carrie, Charles decides to marry old flame Henrietta. However, a newly-single Carrie appears at the wedding causing Charles to doubt his decision. With a bit of help from his brother, Charles finds the courage to stop the wedding at the last minute and declares his love for Carrie instead.

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