A guy’s guide to being a supportive groom

The wedding planning process can be a testing phase in any couple’s journey. Whilst counting down to the biggest step in your relationship so far should be fun, it ain’t half stressful!

After the announcement of your engagement and the sharing of that obligatory just engaged ring selfie, you’ll have 101 things to do as you prepare for your wedding day. Being in it together is the key to success, and as a groom, your fiancée needs your support now more than ever.

Here we reveal the top ways to be the supportive groom your wife-to-be deserves from the moment you pop the question to the minute you meet her at the end of the aisle on the wedding day itself.

Lend an ear

Whether your fiancée is keen for you to get involved as much as possible or is more than happy to take the lion’s share of the planning duties to make sure it’s the big day you’ve both dreamt of, be there to listen to any concerns she may have during the planning process.

You don’t need to offer any solutions, just lending an ear will provide the support needed to keep wedding planning stress at bay.

Spending quality time together will ensure that wedding planning doesn’t become all work and no play.

Banning wedding talk every so often has also been found to be effective when limiting wedding planning stress and providing support for each other as WeddingWire explains:

“It’s very easy to think about your wedding all. The. Time. But it’s important to remember all of the other wonderful things in your life, besides this one day.

So, don’t let wedding planning consume your existence. Try to limit your wedding planning activities to select times during the week, and be sure to take breaks (meaning no talking or thinking about the wedding!) whenever possible.”

Check out these date night ideas for engaged couples for inspiration.

Share the burden

These days grooms aren’t bound by typical gender roles, which means you can play as big of a part as you want in the wedding planning process.

Encourage your fiancée to share the burden of wedding planning with you. You should be equal partners when planning just as you intend to be in your marriage.

Every wedding planning journey begins with a list of to-dos. Delegate these tasks between the both of you as well as encourage family members and friends to lend a hand so your fiancée never feels alone.

Drafting in the professionals is another way to ensure the pressure to deliver a dream wedding day isn’t entirely on your fiancée’s shoulders.

Give her a break

As well as enjoying time together away from wedding planning chaos, give your fiancée a much-needed break to ensure she can relax and recharge as an individual.

You could even get friends or family involved in organising a fun day out or weekend away so she can enjoy time off from wedding planning.

The simple things – like doing the dishes, cooking her favourite dinner or penning her a love note – will also reduce your fiancée’s stress levels and strengthen your relationship in the run up to your wedding.

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