Is wedding planning getting too much?

Planning the most important day of your life doesn’t come without its ups and downs. But when facing wedding planning stress, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

According to a recent survey, a staggering 96% of engaged or newlywed couples admit to finding the wedding planning process stressful. But with the right knowledge, you can plan your wedding like a boss and manage the troubling symptoms that wedding planning stress can bring.

Why is wedding planning so stressful?

There are tons of things to think, or obsess, about when planning a wedding. For all the excitement planning your dream day brings, there’s the annoying and anxiety-inducing reality of organising every last detail. Balancing your big day budget can also cause a real headache, particularly if, like many marrying couples, you don’t have unlimited funds to play with.

On top of all this, expectations and emotions will be running high – and we’re not just talking about the expectations and emotions of you and your partner. Family members and friends are certain to vocalise what they think of your wedding plans and make the associated planning process even more complex.

As you’ve probably experienced, planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. Whether you’ve had years to plan or a matter of months, planning your wedding requires a vast amount of time and energy.

What are the signs that stress is getting the better of me?

Knowing how to identify the signs of wedding planning stress and acting fast to manage these feelings is the key to keeping a cool head throughout the entire process. If every minute of your time (including your lunch breaks) is spent planning and/or running around like a headless chicken, then it may be time to take a break from wedding related tasks.

If your relationship with your partner is suffering as a result of wedding planning activities, then hitting pause for the time being is recommended. Being a newly engaged couple should after all (in the most part) be fun and romantic.

Procrastination and second guessing decisions you’ve already made are other signs that wedding planning stress is getting to an unmanageable level.

How can I get a handle on wedding planning stress?

Taking a break is a great way to put the fun back into wedding planning once more. Spend your time off from wedding planning doing whatever you enjoy doing. A pamper session, shopping spree or trip to your favourite restaurant are all certain to be well-deserved treats.

You don’t have to do anything fancy either. Simply spending quality time with loved ones is enough to put everything into perspective as BrideStory explains:

“When arranging your wedding, you’re bound to spend more time with your mother or best friends as you ask for their help, of course. But you should recall when are the last time both of you have actually spending time without any wedding things mentioned. Why not take a break; and get some daughter-mother bonding time or girls’ night out with things you enjoy most together. Refreshing and gets you back to simpler things.”

Don’t forget about your other half. You’re in it together after all! Relieving some wedding stress is excuse enough to organise a few well-timed date nights.

Time alone will see those wedding planning worries melt away and remind you of why you’re organising this very special occasion – to celebrate your love.

Hiring a wedding planner is another way to lighten the load. Here, at Clearwell Castle, our Personal Wedding Manager provides a helping hand at every stage. You can also make wedding planning even more stress free and simpler by using the latest tech. Check out our rundown of the best wedding planning apps to get started.

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