Nutrition and exercise advice for your wedding

A fresh apple

Everyone wants to look and feel great on their wedding day, setting yourself up with an awesome (but achievable) exercise and healthy-eating regime will go a long way in helping you to look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Find some fun recipes

Healthy food can taste just as good as your favourite comfort food; playing around with ingredients, adding seasonings, and experimenting with new cuts of meat, fruit, or vegetables can all help make healthy eating more fun.

Going out of your way to find recipes that taste fantastic and are fun to make, will go a long way in making healthy eating more enjoyable, and will ensure that the regime is easy to stick to.

The ‘clean eating trend’ has been glamorised by Instagram queens and popular food bloggers. Whatever you think of the clean-eating frenzy, there are many interesting and easy recipes to be found on the web.

Find recipes with ingredients that you love or recipes that really excite and intrigue you. You don’t have to cook a new dish every night, learn a few healthy recipes and then rotate them throughout the week.

Cooking can also be a great destresser, perfect for lessening any wedding planning stress. We suggest putting on your favourite music, or calling up a friend to make it more enjoyable.

Blend up some green smoothies

A fruit and green smoothie can be a simple way to cram in your daily dose of fruit and greens. Dark leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, and collard greens, are all nutrient powerhouses that include many of your essential vitamins and minerals. It can be easy to load them up in your smoothies, the blades also effectively break down the cell walls: allowing for maximum absorption of the essential vitamins and minerals. Combining your greens with berries, bananas, and apples will also cover up the taste of the greens.

Many people comment that drinking green smoothies provides them with a massive boost in energy, well being, as well as giving them gorgeous, glowing skin.

Louise Roe, a regular green smoothie drinker, notes: “There is such a big difference in my skin when I drink this…it’s brighter, more hydrated, clear and all the fine lines are faded.”

In addition to enjoying your fruit and greens, you can also add protein and fats to your smoothies. Fats, such as coconut oils or nut butters, and protein, such as protein powder or Greek yogurt, help balance your blood sugar, which will enable you to starve off junk food cravings and will keep your mood and energy balanced.

A green smoothie and lemon


Exercise can feel like a chore, but the key to regularly incorporating it into your routine, in the run up to your wedding, is to ensure that you are doing something you enjoy. Dancing, rock climbing, running – there is bound to be some form of physical activity that interests and engages you.

Going to a class and exercising with friends will also make it more likely that you will stick to an exercise routine.

Planning for your wedding day

Sticking to a healthy eating and exercise routine can be easy, once you get into the swing of it, especially when you’re enjoying the food you’re eating and the exercise you’re doing. Making the process enjoyable will, in-turn, make it more likely that you will keep up your healthy routines in the run-up to your wedding day, which will help you to look and feel amazing in your dress.

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