Top tips for planning your vow renewal

Here at Clearwell Castle, we’ve been lucky enough to host the weddings of couples from all walks of life. Your ceremony however doesn’t have to be the first time you exchange vows with one another. Vow renewals are becoming increasingly more common. There are so many reasons to mark your time as a married couple after all. It’s not just landmark anniversaries that are the perfect excuses for reaffirming that commitment. Couples also choose to have renewals if they didn’t have their dream wedding day first time round.

Renew vows

Whether this is your first or second time tying the knot, arranging a vow renewal carries its own wedding planning stress. Here, our experts share their advice for planning your vow renewal, whatever your reason for reaffirming your wedding vows.

Exercise those extra freedoms

Your original wedding ceremony will have involved a number of legalities but seen as you’re already married, a vow renewal won’t be so restricted. Exercise that extra freedom by planning your ceremony as you wish. There are absolutely no limitations with your vow renewal. This means that, unlike before, your ceremony can be as religious or non-religious as you like, and be held indoors or outdoors. Work closely with your chosen wedding venue to ensure your vow renewal ceremony is all you dreamed of.

One of the reasons couples choose to renew their vows is to share the special occasion with family members that weren’t around when you tied the knot the first time. Your children can therefore play starring roles thanks to the flexibility of vow renewal ceremonies.

Exchange whatever you like

With the extra freedom, you get the choice of exchanging more than vows and rings. Many couples choose to exchange gifts or flowers as an alternative. If you’d like to stick with tradition, why not opt for a rededication of rings? Your wedding bands can be upgraded or engraved to mark the occasion. Many couples renewing their vows opt for a ring-warming or ring blessing, where rings are passed around amongst family members and friends, to involve every single guest. You can also choose to recite with your original vows or draft new ones that are applicable to your relationship now.

Don’t forget the reception

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without a great reception. Whilst your vow renewal may not be a second wedding and more of a casual affair, organising a reception where you and your guests can let your hair down is important. Or as FTD Flowers puts it:

“A reception is a must! This is the most fun aspect of a vow renewal and is where you can truly celebrate. Your reception can be anything from an intimate dinner party at your home with your closest friends and family to a fun cocktail party! During the reception, you can share your old wedding album with your guests, or play a slideshow of photos you and your spouse have taken together throughout the year.”

Are you currently looking to mark a landmark wedding anniversary? Or thinking of hosting a vow renewal? Experience Clearwell Castle for yourself and become one step closer to your dream vow renewal, or celebrate an imminent anniversary in style.

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