Why rehearsal dinners are a tradition we should adopt in the UK

Whether you are planning a vow renewal or marrying your partner for the first time, making your ceremony and reception as special as possible is important. Celebrations don’t have to be restricted to your wedding day though!

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In the UK, these extra celebrations take the form of hen, stag and engagement parties. In the US, many American couples enjoy a few more opportunities to let their hair down.There are several ways in which US and UK weddings differ. For instance, British couples don’t generally hold bridal showers or rehearsal dinners. But should the latter be an American tradition we embrace in the UK?

In this blog post, we discuss the benefits of hosting a rehearsal dinner and the golden rules of planning your own.

The benefits

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Don’t leave anything up to chance on your wedding day. Whilst having a plan B, C and even D is a must for many couples tying the knot, practicing that “I do” is still something many UK couples forgo. This is where the rehearsal dinner comes in.

In the US, the rehearsal dinner isn’t just a practice session, it’s a celebration in its own right. It also unlocks a number of benefits for the wedding couple and their guests. The Knot explains:

“The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity for your two families to spend time together before the wedding day in a not-so-hectic setting. Take advantage of the relaxed environment, full of happy anticipation—come wedding night, you’ll most likely be pulled in too many directions to put in quality time with anyone. The ultimate goal is to relieve some pre-wedding tension and make everyone feel comfortable with the upcoming nuptials, while not upstaging the main event.”

A rehearsal dinner is also a great way to get friends and family members involved, particularly those who can’t be a part of formal proceedings on the wedding day itself. For example, you can cut down mic time during speeches at your wedding reception by scheduling some toasts during your rehearsal dinner.

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Who to invite

It’s entirely up to you who you invite to your rehearsal dinner. Couples having larger wedding ceremonies and receptions may want to keep their rehearsal dinner small, inviting just their immediate family, close friends and wedding party to celebrate this occasion with them. At the other end of the scale, those hosting intimate weddings may want to extend invitations to a wider audience.

Where to host

Hosting in beautiful, elegant surroundings and enjoying the best food and drink around are a great idea when holding a rehearsal dinner. Our dinner date evenings deliver this, and so much more. We can help you bring your loved ones together to celebrate your love ahead of your big day. Held at Clearwell, dinner date guests arrive at 5pm with dinner served from 7.30pm onwards. We hold a selected number of dinner date evenings each year with guests enjoying a flavoursome three-course meal exquisitely prepared by our outstanding team of chefs.

For further information on our dinner date evenings or to reserve a table for our next event, please contact us direct.

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