Questions to ask when shopping for ‘the one’

Finding ‘the one’ takes time. This is true of both love and wedding dresses. Choosing your wedding gown is one of the most important wedding decisions. All eyes will be on you, and the wedding dress you select will help you flaunt your personal style, complement your theme and ultimately guarantee that wow factor.

The wedding dress shopping experience should be enjoyable but it’s also often stressful. The pressure is on to pick a dress you love. There are so many designers, shapes, styles, materials and shades to choose from. You’ll even have to decide whether a dress hoop is right for you if you plan to go for a ball gown style. Give yourself plenty of time when shopping for your wedding gown and arm yourself with these vital questions, and you’ll be on your way to walking down the aisle in the dress of your dreams.

Which dress styles and shapes will suit me?

Dressing for your body type will ensure your wedding dress is as flattering and fabulous as possible. Many brides are surprised by the wedding dress they end up opting for. It may not be the silhouette you envisaged so make sure you’re open to trying on all shapes and styles. Trusting the experts and asking their advice on the dresses they’d recommend for you is a great way to go. They will have assisted countless brides with finding the best fit for their body shape. Use their knowledge to help you on your journey to finding ‘the one’.

Is this style available in different colours?

An increasing number of brides are breaking with tradition and steering away from ivory and white. A guaranteed way to brighten up your wedding day, a coloured design can be bright and bold or subtle. Discover 50 colourful wedding dresses that will win you over instantly.

Can I try on a selection of accessories?

How you accessorise your wedding dress is just as important as the dress itself. Your wedding dress shopping experience is an opportunity to play with the accessories that will style your shortlisted dresses your way. Certain accessories, such as veils, aren’t for everyone. But don’t rule them out before trying them on.

Do you have any trunk shows coming up?

Many bridal boutiques host trunk shows to showcase the range of designers they work with. Trunk shows are an excellent way to see the full offering of a boutique and access exclusive discounts. The vast majority of trunk shows deliver discounts of up to 15%, which can make a huge difference to your wedding budget.

If your bridal boutique doesn’t have any trunk shows in the pipeline, why not ask to buy the sample? Sample dresses are heavily discounted, which means you can bag yourself a great dress and an even better deal.

Are alterations included in the cost?

Once you’ve shortlisted a selection of wedding dresses you love – or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have shortlisted just one style – asking about cost and what’s included in said cost should be your next query. Most boutiques don’t include alterations in the cost of the gown but it’s well worth asking the question. If they’re not included, don’t forget to factor the cost of alterations into your budget.

Will this style be in stock in a few months’ time?

Shopping for your wedding dress too early is a common mistake many brides-to-be make as Karen Taft, Managing Director at Benjamin Roberts, details:

“Nowadays weddings are often themed so if it’s a festival style barn wedding with bales of hay to sit on and a hog roast, a sophisticated, glittering, mermaid style gown may not suit the venue as well as something a bit more comfortable and relaxed would! Consider the venue and the kind of wedding you’re planning before rushing off and placing a deposit on something that might not work.”

If you love a dress now, you may not necessarily love it later. Even after you think you’ve found the one, sleeping on the decision before you part with your cash is always recommended.

If your wedding date is a little further in the future, keep in mind that designers do discontinue styles and give boutiques very little notice before they do. Being aware of which lines are due to be discontinued will give you the information you need to make up your mind at a later date. Whatever the status of the style, never feel pressured into buying, particularly if you’re not sure whether the dress is the one for you.

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